Advising Judge Robert Wilbrandt on AJ’s Mother’s Sentence

Robert Wilbrandt

It is improper for members of the public to communicate directly with a judge on a case.

People who send letters about a case have them returned.

Yet, in a high profile case, it is probable that some want to weigh in on what the sentence should be.

Tomorrow, television vans will be gathered at the McHenry County Courthouse for the sentencing of JoAnn Cunningham for the murder of her son AJ Freund.

People will pack the courtroom and an overflow room with a TV set.

Judge Robert Wilbrandt will make the decision of how long she will be imprisioned.

Will it be the maximum sixty years or less?

While one cannot communicate with him directly, one could leave a recommendation in the comment section of this article.

Here is her criminal complaint.


Advising Judge Robert Wilbrandt on AJ’s Mother’s Sentence — 28 Comments

  1. This miscreant needs to be removed from society forever.

    She has proved that she is unable to function in a civilized capacity.

  2. Does anyone know if the hearing will be streamed online anywhere?

    What time does this start?

  3. Anyone guilty of this sort of thing should be subject to the maximum punishment available by law.

    Why should any mercy be shown for someone who murdered thier own child?

  4. What’s wrong with the name?

    I’ve heard that name on plenty of women.

  5. Norma and JoAnn are two different names. ಠᴥಠ

    There’s nothing wrong with either name. ಠ‿ಠ

  6. Hopefully Patty O’Kenneally isn’t involved as he’ll just screw things up and is busy marching around like a jackalope.

    Another box of donuts for Patty stat!

  7. Sixty years is too kind of a punishment.

    She should be beaten and out to death. ☹️💀

  8. I like public stoning, caning, batons and necklacing, for punishments. 😊

  9. No matter her sentence, once she leaves her cozy little isolated from others cell in McHenry County Jail many violent and crazed women State Prisoners, who are mothers will want to hurt her in ways even she, a monster herself cant fathom.

    She’ll need basically “forever” protective custody, alone in a cell or housed with another monster.

    They’ll eventually get her.

    But throw the book at her anyway, 60 years which says 100% of time must be served.

    btw, what are they feeding her at Mc county jail?

    Beech must a put on 150 lbs since being there—word is can even get pizzas delivered there to inmates, so somebody filling her account up with money to buy junk food for sure.

    Mr Freund case coming up next…

  10. Bob Wire worries about AJ’s dam while the whole state goes under.

  11. Willbrandt’s penchant for frying cicadas in olive oil is rather eccentric.

    He claims they taste and look like giant pistachio nuts.

    I told him “no”4 times —- he kept pushing the insects on me.

    He does remove the shell, wings, head

  12. human centipede
    and all these white people buying the goya beans that they’re never going to eat have to give up their beans to the centipede

    That’s what should happen, Cal…

  13. Bob Wire, not necessarily.

    I’ve seen truly heinous female prisoners that tortured and murdered children be let off early for good behavior, mentoring other prisoners and the like.

    I hope the neglectful, inhumane Carlos Acosta can be sent to prison.

  14. I hear about Willbrandt’s cicada ‘cookery’ from his wife bragging about it 2 seats from me on the Metra train.

    She says they are delicious and protein packed.

    Apparently a Japanese recipe.

  15. Wilbrandt tried flirting with my wife in an MCC class he taught.

    A douche sitting in judgement of a messed up meth/heroin head.


  16. She gained all that weight because she’s off of all the heroin and amphetamines.

    She looks like a different person.

    Hope she gets the full 60.

    She’ll be a special kind of VIP once she gets to the big girl’s prison 🙂

  17. Does anyone else see a conflict as Judge Wilbrandt presided over this sentencing and now sits on the case of the accused DCFS worker?

    There is past history between the Judge and the accused, this has already been a high profile case, and now there is a possibility of precedent setting decisions for DCFS workers.

    You would think that even the appearance of entanglement would suggest Judge Wilbrandt step aside.

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