Green Party Seeks E-Signature Petition Signatures

From the Illinois Green Party:

Green Party candidates across the state are e-petitioning to be on the ballot.

To sign any of these e-petitions, all you have to do are three easy steps (which should only take a minute or two) which are explained in the following link:

Sign Green Party Candidates E-Petitions

We need your help to put life and death issues like the climate crisis, spiraling wealth inequality, and racial and social justice on the table in 2020. 

We can’t wait on the Republicans and Democrats to bail us out, we need to build a working-class political power of our own! 

Please sign the electronic petitions below for any district in which you reside and help Green candidates get on the ballot in 2020! Not sure what district you live in?

No problem.

Each of the links below will help you figure that out.

Spread the word!

Take a moment to share this with your friends and family via e-mail, social media, or by word. 

As a reminder, Green Party candidates do not accept contributions. 

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail

Illinois Green Party Outreach


Green Party Seeks E-Signature Petition Signatures — 21 Comments

  1. I like the environmental aspect, but what does social justice have to do with going green/brown?

    Those terms have always applied to the environment in ways that humans affect it.

    Social justice is more of a social political thing.

    I don’t see how racial equality and progressivism coincide with wind farms, solar panels, cleaner water, and air.

  2. Green on the outside – Red on the inside.

    Some low I.Q. idiots are absolutely incapable of understanding this fact.

  3. Green Party loses elections and doesn’t hav committeepeople. ರ╭╮ರ

  4. Candidates from moonbat parties like this have no chance of winning, but they siphon votes away from the Demonrats, so I hope they all get on the ballot.

  5. **I don’t see how racial equality and progressivism coincide with wind farms, solar panels, cleaner water, and air.**

    Take a look at what environmental justice is, and how our destruction of our environment often disproportionately impacts poor, black, and Latinx communities.

  6. When you tie racial politics into the environmental impact that all humans have on the Earth, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

    How does factory emissions disproportionately affect blacks and latinos who live on the same street as white people and asians?

    How does pouring sewage into the Fox river disproportionately affect them when it was mostly white people?

  7. Rob In The Hood discovers Alabama’s Leftist bullshit and calls him out on it.

    This is indeed a momentous day in history.

  8. Environmental Racism is an issue way east of McHenry County, in Cook County’s Harvey, Robbins, Chicago’s Roseland (Altgeld Gardens), Lawndale and other areas, caused by a combination of companies, people, politicians, abandoned buildings and gangs. ☹️😭

  9. **How does factory emissions disproportionately affect blacks and latinos who live on the same street as white people and asians?**

    When those factories are very often placed – intentionally – in poorer communities so that the rich white folks don’t have to seal with it.

    Seriously – just do some googling.

    The impact of our destruction of the environment disproportionally impacts black, Latinx, and poor communities.

    To pretend otherwise is pretty silly.

  10. So, Alabama, what you are saying is that it’s wrong to build factories near poor neighborhoods?

    Don’t those people need jobs?

    Where should they be then or should we just not make anything anymore and just shut down the world for good?

  11. These minor political parties should build themselves up, at the local level as city and suburban mayors, alderpeople and committeepeople.

    Then, have people run at the county, state and federal level. 😊👽

  12. **So, Alabama, what you are saying is that it’s wrong to build factories near poor neighborhoods?**

    No, not that is not what I said.

  13. There is a candidate running in McSweeney’s district and there’s one running in Mary Edly-Allen’s district (those are the closest ones I could find), so if you live in those districts and want the Greens on the ballot, you should sign the petition!

    It might be because you don’t like or trust Democrats or Republicans, it might be because you want to pressure the Democrats to move to the left, it might be because you think Greens will push Democrats back to the center, it might be because you are hoping to subtract votes from the Democrats, or it might be because you think there should be many more choices on the ballot.

    Whatever it may be, if you want the Greens on the ballot, you should sign the petition.

    The filing period ends on the 20th, so time is running out.

    These people only need a few hundred.

  14. Too little too late Greens.

    If Greens are relying on digital signatures they won’t have the numbers to get on the ballot.

  15. Climate change babies whining for attn.

    Is the autistic drooler Greta their mascot?

  16. Alabama, we live in the rust belt.

    The auto industry collapsed around here.

    Not to mention the factory in Richmond by the post office, didn’t they illegally dump toxic chemicals that bleed into the local water supply?

    Pretty certain that’s a predominantly white area when that occurred.

    The plastics factory I worked at in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin is in a super white area.

    OSHA has so many buried treasures to find there.

    These are just anecdotal experiences.

    Would it make it more valid to put it up on a Twitter account?

    But seriously, it takes a special kind of mental contortion to think that the environment is racist.

    Before we became the rust belt; blacks, latin(o/a)s, whites and probably asians were benefitting from the factories that are now being called racist.

    Rupert, after the iron curtain fell and all of the Soviet factories stopped producing and polluting this river I can’t remember the name of, life started to return to previously denoted “dead zones.”

    We can have an impact on our environment.

    Doesn’t mean we’re crying about the climate just because you don’t want to destroy ocean life.

  17. ** it takes a special kind of mental contortion to think that the environment is racist.**

    No one said that either. Come on.

  18. You’re marginalizing other groups of people to stake a claim to the environment affecting another group.

    I gave you local examples providing you with information to include them.

    You’re trying to spree a narrative that’s omitting white people.

    Sounds pretty racist to me.

    Also, the racism of lower expectations.

    I can pin point so many predominantly black neighborhoods that aren’t living near factories.

  19. Maybe Gates and the Chicoms who want make Africa a ghost continent to plunder its natural resource riches will get their genocidal ways.

  20. imo there may be some merit to the “environmental racism” thing but it has more to do with class, and focusing so much on “black and brown communities” just turns off whites who may otherwise be sympathetic to green policies.

    I highly doubt that people who are polluting or exploiting care about someone’s skin color.

    If they can dump and not get sued, they’ll do it.

    If they can get someone to do nasty work and not give them proper protection, they’ll do it.

    In other words, there may be a disproportionate impact on non-whites, but I don’t think racism is the motivating factor or cause.

    Infecting every issue with critical race theory is a good way to get angry white-hating POCs and some self-hating whites on your side, but whites and non-racists are still a majority in this country, and you can’t have a peaceful society by constantly blaming one race or another.

    In this way, leftists have just reversed the racism of White Supremacists.

    It’s just another type of hate.

    Instead of blaming Blacks or Latinos for everything, they just blame Whiteness.

    I think part of the effort to equate racism or “systemic racism” to Whiteness is because these people are just anti-white racists.

    If we must be anti-racist, and whiteness is racism, then you see where this is heading.

    That’s why they are trying to change the definition of words.

    A lot of these leftists have abandoned the traditional Marxist analysis of class struggle and instead opted for an anti-white agenda.

    This is not going to end well for anybody…

    Neal brings up a good point too, a broader criticism of environmental politics in general, that Shake has not answered.

    What are you going to do with all these people who lose their jobs?

    Fossil fuel industry creates a ton of good paying jobs.

    It seems a little pie in the sky to think everybody is going to be building windmills.

    The struggle between ecology and economics is very real.

    I am not convinced that the Green New Deal is a good idea.

    It seems more likely that it will destroy more jobs than it creates, put us into debt, raise taxes, make energy costs go up, and in general make us poorer which will result in a lower quality of life.

    …But I wouldn’t mind seeing a Democrat, a Green, and a Republican debate these things!

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