Kevin Craver Moves from Reporting to Jack Franks to Reporting to Peter Austin

Jack Franks patronage worker wearing Franks campaign stickers at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce Business Expo in 2017.

When sixteen-plus year Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver was hired to replace Jack Franks’ patronage employee Oliver Serafini, he was paid out of the County’s Transportation and Information Technology Departments.

The $48,000 hiring was highly irregular and the Personnel Committee, which Franks tried, but failed, to abolish, in 2016 doggedly sought to reverse the action.

That effort failed, but the fight, the effort explains the animosity Franks has to former County Board member Dr. Michael Rein, now a candidate for Coroner.

Serafini left for greener pastures during the summer of 2017.

Enter Craver, who filed an application for “Communications Specialist” on July 3, 2017.

The application said that he was making $48,000 a year as “Senior Reporter.”

In Springfield, when reporters go to work for government, people remark that they are “going over to the dark side.”

Invariably, however, such reporters make more money.

Craver was hired on August 9, 2017.

He took and passed the Ethics Training Course.

His supervisors were listed as “Peter Austin/Jack Franks.”

His division was identified as “County Board Chairman.”

He signed a document saying he had read the “McHenry County Policy on Fraud, Waste and Abuse.”

Craver’s starting pay was $51,051.

Like Serafini, Craver was originally paid with Transportation Department Funds. There his job title was “Utility Supervisor.”

When the new budget took effect in December, 2017, however, his source of income started coming from “Administration.”

Craver’s supervisor is listed as Jack D. Franks.

While the document above indicates Craver’s pay was $51,051 at first, on December 1, 2017, it got increased by 1.13% to $51,625.34.

On January 9, 2018, Craver got another raise–5.49%–to $54,449 per year.

The reason?

On this document, his supervisor is listed as Peter Austin.

Another pay raise was put forward on November 27, 2018.

This time the new amount $55,674.04, an increase of 2.25%.

On November 26, 2019, $56,926.73, the most recent raise, effective December 1st, was recommended. It was also for 2.25% more.


Kevin Craver Moves from Reporting to Jack Franks to Reporting to Peter Austin — 12 Comments

  1. All of this proves that the rump RINO Co. Bd. Are useless sycophants of ‘the Jackal’.

    Craver, a rather shabby scribbler who would have fit in quite well on the staffs of propaganda organs like “Pravda” or Castro’s “Granma” proved his sneaky worth to the Franks patronage network and sold his dark soul for some of Franks’ taxpayer-provided sheckels.

    His childish agitprop can be viewed here on a regular basis under his non de plumes of ‘Alabama Shake’ and ‘oh on’.

    But Craver also ‘cat walks’ his LGBTQ posts on other blogs showing his depravity and toxic hate of all things normal to the cheers of his master Peter ‘Chicken Hawk’ Austin who presented him to his boss, JacKo.

  2. Craver has the air of a boot licking simp about him.

    With this in mind, I’m sure he’ll fit in well.

  3. That’s a distinction without a difference, since Peter Austin is Jack Franks’ marionette.

  4. So is Franks’ office they gateway to permanent patronage jobs at the County?

    Will Franks hire another ‘communication specialist’ who will in turn be given a different county job by Austin?

    Is this how Franks infiltrates the county with his spies?

  5. Craver or Craven?

    Is he still wearing his rainbow flag lapel pin?

  6. Oathkeeper, I believe Pokorny is saying that patronage hires (like Craver) cost taxpayers money.

    Pokorny can correct me if I misinterpreted the meaning of his comment.

  7. “Utility Supervisor” with the Transportation Department?

    Uhm … what?!!!

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