Mike Buehler Spends $11,000 in Quest in Run-up to Primary Campaign to Beat Jack Franks for County Board Chairman

Crystal Lake businessman Mike Buehler reports spending $11,129.40 during January, February and March.

He spent almost as much money as he took in–$12,042–leaving him with only $2,000 in bank during the first three months of 2020.

Expenditures follow:

  • $2,089.70 for fund raising
  • $8,141.62 for printing
  • $212.51 for advertising

Contributors include $5,987 in amounts under $150, plus the following:

  • $250 – Bill Prim campaign fund
  • $250 – Allen Skillicorn campaign fund
  • $500 – Arrow Road Construction Co, Elk Grove Village
  • $250 – Baker Manufacturing, Lake Bluff
  • $250 – Todd Bright, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Robert Buehler, Ocala, FL
  • $250 – Digit Forces Corporation, Plainfield
  • $500 – Gallagher Asphalt, Thornton
  • $250 – Susan Johnson, Crystal Lake
  • $300 – Jerome Majewski, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Bjorn Mattsson, Woodstock
  • $250 – Nutrilife Pet Products, Huntley
  • $500 – Orange Crush LLC, Hillside
  • $250 – Point Ready Mix LLC, McHenry
  • $250 – Jeffrey Thorsen, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Transystems Corp. PAC
  • $300 – William Wagner, Huntley


Mike Buehler Spends $11,000 in Quest in Run-up to Primary Campaign to Beat Jack Franks for County Board Chairman — 12 Comments

  1. Pete? Apparently, no one has seen that movie. It never gets a reaction from these youngster dead heads.

  2. It’s an admirable crusade but until Mike gets some actual big name donors he’s dead in the water.

    He should at least have a minimum $100k in his coffers by now to get an inkling of his message to the general voters.

    This isn’t a board district or small county wide office he’s running for.

    Jacko already has deep pockets and name recognition with the power of the press behind him.

    McGOP needs to finally wake up and get serious about winning because they’ve been asleep for years.




  4. Bullock—

    Franks only won by 15 or 17% in 2016 and the GOP had a horrible candidate even party members didn’t publicly support or help.

    Walkup had what, $15k to spend vs Franks’ $400k?

    Franks had the NWH as lackey in 2016 so nothing has changed there.

    Franks is a much weaker candidate than many think, it’s simply the spineless McHenry County GOP that lets Franks flourish.

  5. Prince Rupert, Gary Lang had some dealings with the Nygren Regime.

    That information came from insiders who worked for Nygren.

    So that could explain Gary Lang’s stance on that one.

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