Jack Franks Takes $66,915 from Campaign Fund for Legal Fees

Following the example of one of his former campaign event Co-Chairmen, Alderman Ed Burke, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has taken campaign funds to pay legal expenses.

The legal problem probably originated in Springfield with the State Police’s execution of a subpoena on House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office for records relating to Franks.

WTTW screen shot.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times,

Illinois State Police justified the search because “probable cause exists for the crimes of

  • criminal sexual abuse,
  • criminal sexual assault,
  • official misconduct,
  • stalking and aggravated battery.”

Police requested personnel, human resources or other files “containing information related to allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by former Illinois State Representative Jack D. Franks.”

Publicity of Franks’ problem intensified in mid-April when Illinois Leaks pried out the Secretary of State’s Police’s a “Patrol Alert” stating in part

At the request of Illinois House of Representatives Chief of Staff Jessica Basham, former Illinois House of Representative Jack D. Franks is to be escorted by Capitol Police at all times in the event that he should come to the Capitol Complex. Chief of Staff Basham has indicated that Jack Franks has made inappropriate communications to members of the Illinois House of Representatives Staff Members and his communications are of such concern that it is requested he be escorted at all times.”

Terry Ekl

Franks hired the law firm of Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC of Lisle.

Three payments have been made

  • April 21, 2020 – $37,397.65
  • June 16, 2020 – $8,251.25
  • June 16, 2020 – $21,266.25

Terry Ekl is the brilliant attorney who successfully defended Lou Bianchi when the McHenry County State’s Attorney was indicted by a Special Prosecutor, among other high profile cases in Chicagoland.

Bianchi did not use campaign funds for his legal expenses.


Jack Franks Takes $66,915 from Campaign Fund for Legal Fees — 14 Comments

  1. Jacko’s papa can easily write a $2 million check on one of his Panamanian or Cayman accts.

  2. Ekl will be playing his cash register symphony on this kind of money bags defendant with so many leads to be investigated.

    An endless list of legal angles to ‘explore’ and neutralize.

    What about the victim buyoffs like the Kopechny family.

    Go read up how Kevin Stacey’s lawyers just bought off victims.

    Or the Clintons.

    Or Gislane.

    It’s what rats do.

  3. Bianchi was being paid 175k while on the job when he fought his charges.

    Franks knows how and has no shame to exploit the legal loopholes to his advantage.

    If you can do it legally, why not?

  4. Gus, that won’t ultimately save his stinking, bott fly scarred, hide.

  5. Franks can’t defend himself or have someone at his firm do so pro bono?

    Does he also pay the McHenry County States Attorney’s Office out of this fund?

  6. Please, please vote this guy out!!

    Any updates on the sexual misconduct allegations?

    Why isn’t an escort required in McHenry county’s buildings?

  7. No it made up for it on the bleacher saga from us all…

  8. Franks doesn’t care where the money comes from for his legal bills.

    He is the cheapest son of a bitch there is.

    He will dip everywhere else but his own pockets.

    Can campaign funds legally be used for that?

    Bet his donors are kicking themselves.

  9. You don’t pay that kind of defense money unless something is brewing

  10. Herbie Franks is boiling mad over what his little Jackal did in ole Springfield!

    Not because the naughty jackal brought shame to the house of Franks.

    Not because of What the pervy jackal did.

    Not because he’ll have to pony up some quid to ‘cover things up and smooth some things over.”

    But because the bad little jackal got caught!

  11. That’s a lot of money to spend on legal fees before there’s even an indictment.

    I wonder if Jacko’s lawyer is working on heading off a civil suit.

  12. When will he be paying us back for this hand in the till ? when?

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