McHenry County Democrats Have $29,500 in the Bank

McHenry County Democrats had $29,526.32 as of June 30, 2020.

That’s about was available at the end of March.

The Party spent about $6,200 and took in a bit over $5,800.

Expenditures included

  • $1,300 for legal fees, apparently funneled through former Chair Mike Bissett
  • $500 to the State Party for “Vote Builder”
  • $2,100 for rent
  • $163 for its web site
  • $236 for internet access
  • $900 for “TJ Refund” to Beth Vonau of Crystal Lake
  • $180 for “TJ Refund” to John Kosar of Lake in the Hills
  • $160 donation refund to Nancy Glissman of Huntley

The “TJ” might stand for Thomas Jefferson, the name of the annual fundraising dinner of the Party.

Contributions total $5,826, of which $2,716 were unidentified.

The biggest$1,000–came from Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s campaign fund.

  • $350 – Mary Ewert of Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Cathleen LeMaire of Woodstock
  • $200 – Mary Mahady of McHenry
  • $160 – Cynthija Pilz of Fox River Grove
  • $200 – Bonnie Scherkenbach of Huntley
  • $300 – Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake
  • $150 – Kristy Smith of Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Arne Waltmire of McHenry

Note that all but one are female.

And, there is no huge infusion of cash from JB Priztker as occurred last election cycle.


McHenry County Democrats Have $29,500 in the Bank — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, are there similar organizations to the one you looked at for the Democrats?

    I couldn’t find anything. Maybe this one, but it might be a stretch.

    Friends of Kristina Zahorik: Cash on Hand* $21,445.79

    What I mean by the question is that Republicans have their money spread out, not just in one place.
    Republican Central Comm of McHenry County:

    Cash on Hand* $23,353.45

    McHenry County GOPAC: Cash on Hand* $4,046.78

    Republican Women’s Club of McHenry County: Cash on Hand* $7,783.27

  2. Alan Waltmire is indeed a biological man.

    But he’s been a kind of BLM eunuch for the last 7 yrs or so.

    Underwood calls him my ‘little eunuch lawn gnome’.

    Mary Ewert, a really sicko old crone, calls him ‘my tokin’ token white oppressor’ so I wonder what he smokes.

  3. My neighbor Ruth Scifo is real peach.

    She actually has a BLM sign in front of her home.

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