Races–Who’s Running for What in McHenry County — 14 Comments

  1. How is it no one is opposing Patrick Kenneally?

    He’s pathetic and has done nothing while in office.

    It really shows there’s a major concern of who benefits from this incompetent holding this important position.

    This dipstick isn’t working for Justice or the People of McHenry County, he’s working for those who depend on him keeping their activities from criminal prosecution.

    Pat’s cut, a $175k job and all the perks!

    Hopefully this pear shaped, balding, greasy looking turd is exposed, tried, convicted, imprisoned and gets the penitentiary style Justice he deserves!!!

  2. Please, let us promote civil discourse by not injecting vile comments as exampled in the last paragraph of Mike Hunt’s.

    Keeping a cool, humble disposition will result in deeper understanding, and mutual respect.

    Name calling does the opposite.

    I think we would all be better off if we traveled more!


  3. With jokes like Bates, Von Bergen, Hill, Reinert, Gottemoller, Etc running as GOP, what difference does it make?

    More obedient and poisonous toads for Franks’ Toady Board

  4. I agree with ‘Mike Hunt’ ‘Gary Christ’. You reap what you sow and Hunt just told it like he sees it.

    I’m no fan of Kenneally myself and believe him to be a political hack. I’m certainly not voting for him and will leave that spot blank.

    There has to be better candidate than Patrick D Kenneally and just shaking my head that we’re going to be stuck with this guy for four more years.

    I think many are wondering what it takes and how we can get Kenneally to look the other way and get a piece of this lucrative protection pie.

  5. Mike Hunt asks, “How is it no one is opposing Patrick Kenneally”

    I’ve explained this before.

    I have “connected the dots.”

    This is my opinion, but I welcome people to weigh in.

    I know a lot of burger boy flag waving rootin tootin Republican nitwits on this blog don’t have anything to say when I bring this up, and the liberals get really quiet too.

    -Kenneally is soft on public officials.

    -That benefits Jack Franks.

    -Resizing and redistricting of the county board will take place sometime between now and 2022, before the 2022 election.

    -Jack Franks will play a role in the redistricting if not personally than through an ad hoc committee.

    -2022 = Democrat takeover of county board

    -Kenneally will still have his six figure job until 2024.

    So even though there are Democrats who don’t like Kenneally and don’t like Franks, they have gotten very quiet lately, because they know those two are instrumental in the Democrats’ plan to seize power and make it so that there’s nowhere within 60 miles of Chicago not run by Democrats.

    McHenry County is the only collar county at this point that’s still red.

    The rest are purple or blue.

    Franks is useful to Democrats, and Kenneally is a useful stooge for Franks.

    There’s your answer on why Democrats are not running anybody against Kenneally.

    I remember when Democrats used to protest Pat Kenneally…

    Of course, this is all just speculation.

    But what is the alternative explanation? I’m waiting to hear it…

  6. ** Please, let us promote civil discourse by not injecting vile comments as exampled in the last paragraph of Mike Hunt’s.**

    LOL – you knew around here?

  7. Alabama aka Craver, go back and cry in your closet.

    Correcting’s analysis is great.

    And Kenneally boy was a Democrat before Bianchi got him to McHenry Co.

  8. Mike Hunt, I agree with you 101% and Patty O’Kenneally is pear shaped and balding but a dipstick?

    More like a dip shit to be accurate in my view.

  9. He is what he is Gary Christ!

    Dipstick? ✓
    Pear shaped? ✓
    Balding? ✓
    Incompetent? ✓
    Greasy looking turd? ✓

    I see all of these things in my humble opinion and reasons why it’s questionable that he’s running unopposed.

    A Seventh grader could beat him so why isn’t anyone who can fog a mirror not challenging this waste of space?

  10. Thorsen why don’t u run for chairman or are u saving spot for wheeler?

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