A Rare Democrat Willing to Risk Madigan’s Ire

I read this somewhere, but didn’t have the good judgment to print it.

So, here is Illinois Review‘s article, reprinted with permission, on Lake County State Senator Melinda Bush’ cutting ties with House Speaker Mike Madigan:


GRAYSLAKE— State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) doesn’t have to deal directly with the Illinois House Speaker, but she can kiss goodbye to any attempt to get a bill passed in Madigan’s long-owned legislative chamber after the statement she released Friday.

Bush released the following statement on a criminal bribery investigation that appears to implicate House Speaker Michael J. Madigan:

We can’t allow this shameful behavior to continue — especially from someone who has a lead role in both the General Assembly and throughout the state.

The continuous ethics and legal violations have been swept under the rug for far too long. 

This past January I introduced Senate Bill 2488, which would require any lawmaker who has been indicted to be immediately removed from leadership.

Should Madigan be indicted, he must be removed from leadership and resign immediately.

Anyone in the Illinois General Assembly with ties to this ComEd scandal has betrayed the trust of the public. They must be held accountable.

Still, Bush awaits an indictment before pulling her trigger.


A Rare Democrat Willing to Risk Madigan’s Ire — 1 Comment

  1. She’s in the senate, away from King Madigan’s wrath (temporarily).

    Something tells me Madigan is already at work lining up a primary challenger.

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