IL-14: Jim Oberweis Fundraiser Tomorrow in Woodstock

Jim Oberweis

Host Committee includes:

  • Family PAC – Federal
  • County Board Member Joe Gottemoller
  • Catalina Lauf
  • Former Congressman Don Manzullo
  • Businessman Gary Rabine
  • State Senator Dave Syverson
  • Former State Representative Mike Tryon
  • County Board Member and McHenry County Republican Vice Chairman Chuck Wheeler
  • State Senator Craig Wilcox

Emphasizing the importance of winning McHenry County as a key to flipping the 14th congressional district Republican in November, Republican nominee Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign is holding its 2nd fundraiser within a month in Woodstock tomorrow night.

The email address and phone number can facilitate RSVP for tomorrow’s event.

Direct online payment can be facilitated through


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Fundraiser Tomorrow in Woodstock — 25 Comments

  1. How’d these people get on the host committee?

    Did they have to pay?

    Did they help plan it?

    Or are these like titles of nobility?

    I’m disappointed that this is the same exact host committee as last time, except they added C. Ruth and C. Lauf.


  2. Correcting, not sure exactly how these people got on this particular host committee.

    Clearly, seeing Catalina Lauf that is likely more a show of unity to have her on the committee, and my guess is she will likely speak at the event, and formally make her endorsement for Oberweis for the fall.

    Notice that Steve Reick is not on the host committee, even though it takes place in his district, but State Senator Craig Wilcox is.

    Apart from Joe Gottemoller and Chuck Wheeler, there are no current elected officials of McHenry County.

    I’m sure there will be more events, now that in-person events are OK to have.

    The following Sunday (7/26) is the Republican rally for both Jim Oberweis and Jeanne Ives at the home of Al and Kathy Salvi, then the Dan Crenshaw headlining event for the IL GOP in Bolingbrook on August 11.

    Sure there will be other events that have not been announced, or announced to the general public.

  3. I am not surprised about Reick not being on the host committee, but I am surprised they don’t have Ugaste, Skillicorn, Weber, or McConchie on it.

  4. Correcting, unknown but educated guesses, both Ugaste and especially Skillicorn have tough races this fall.

    Neither of them along with McConchie live in McHenry County.

    Skillicorn was not in DC recently at the White House event where many of his partners in the House attended with President Trump.

    No, Skillicorn taking good advice and he knows better his reelection chances are slim.

    Ugaste also facing far leftist in his opponent.

  5. Joe Gottemoller?

    The Franks marionette?

    The towers feeb?

    The anti-trumper?

  6. Joe G. fancies himself some kind of Wm. Powell like figure out of the “Thin Man” movie series.

    But he’s really just a laughable, bumbling character out of Green acres —- maybe “Haney”, maybe the “USDA Rep”, maybe “Eb”

  7. Why is he not promoting this event on FB or Twitter?

    Does he want nobody to go or something?

    You’d think he would want money after having such a bad quarter compared to his opponent.

  8. Correcting, that is a solid question for the campaign, and the promotion of any fundraising event is usually using a different set(s) of emailing lists.

    If one has donated in the past, they will likely be receiving fundraising email blasts.

    If a donor is maxed-out, that is likely a different list and message.

    McHenry County Blog will be covering tomorrow’s event, so attendance and promotion will be noted, and will be questions for the campaign, including members of the Host Committee.

  9. Oberweis is an greedy old has been that never was self-absorbed multimillionaire who bought his seat just like Jumbo Boy
    and in doing so he deprived Ms. Lauf, a far better candidate, of a well deserved opportunity to serve the people.

    In fact, the only people that are more despicable than Oberweis himself are the fools that voted for him
    and now we’re stuck with him for better or worse.

  10. Since I voted for Marter, I knew Oberwoowoo was a terrible pick.

    Yes, I will still vote for muttonhead against the witch doctor ‘nursie’, but only bc she’s so awful.

  11. why do they call it host committee and not parasite committee?

    With rats like Gottemoller and Tryon on it, the decent ‘hosts’ appear get tarred with the RINO brush by association.

  12. That just seems nutty to me: relying exclusively on old donors.

    He’s limiting himself and he’s sending a bad message.

    A lot of people are getting ready to throw in the towel on this Oberweis campaign (and some were never on board to begin with).

    If he can’t excite people and he is constantly making goofups, people aren’t going to put in effort with fundraising, letter writing, door knocking, social media posts, or anything that could help him.

    They might hold their nose and vote for him — many Republicans say they won’t even do that — but that won’t get him across the finish line.

    He needs a quick turnaround like I said a few days ago and this aint it.

    But I do look forward to the write-up from MCB on the event.

    Does anybody know if the GOP could replace Jim Oberweis if he decided to withdraw his papers???

  13. Correcting, I can understand the frustration, and clearly given the pandemic that did impact that we have not seen.

    Let’s face it, there have been no parades/summer festivals that were staples to campaigns in the summers due to the pandemic, so apart from fundraisers, there have been only virtual events, and Oberweis’ campaign has been having them with voters across the district.

    I have not received an invite to one, but Oberweis told Craig Dellamore on July 5th broadcast these events were happening.

    Sunday’s rally for both Jim Oberweis and Jeanne Ives might be an indicator how the enthusiasm is for both candidates.

    We will post information for the rally in western Lake County at the Salvis’ home in the next couple of days.

  14. Considering his previous congressional run, he should have a much better campaign. 😑🇺🇸

  15. Correcting, if Jim Oberweis decided to withdraw his candidacy, either voluntarily or otherwise:

    The seven county Republican chairs in the IL-14 would cast weighted votes to fill the ballot vacancy.

    That is the similar way Dennis Hastert got into Congress, since his predecessor Congressman John Grotberg passed away after the primary in 1986.

    Hastert, a state senator at the time, was the chairs’ choice.

  16. Hi John. The 7 county chairs’ replacement choice makes sense. It’d be a mess trying to have all counties’ committeepeople pick a successor. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  17. Hastert was a pawn of the bankers who blackmailed him for years, but the zionists exposed him

  18. Hastert was a victim of his own stupidity and pervertedness. ☹️

  19. The zios exposed Hastert in a tit for tat bc the high finance types tricked out the zio Eric Cantor in a fixed primary.

  20. Denny Hastert molested high school males.

    Sooner or later, molestations would be revealed, along with Hastert’s checks to the males. ☹️😮

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