Kamala Harris Apparently Will be Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Face lift debut over weekend appears to solidify she’s the one

Ever since a Saturday interview interview debuting a new face, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA) appears to be the choice of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate.

Biden, who’s vowed to select a woman and since the George Floyd killing in late May, a woman of color has become a must, it appears Biden is ready to select the junior Senator from California, and Harris’ new face is proof:

Harris before/after

Maybe not as dramatic as watching the episodes of Doctor Who when the main character changes (“regenerates”) their appearance from one actor to the next, but Harris’ new look definitely causes a double take.

So if we do not see the other women competing to be Biden’s running mate have work done prior to the formal early August announcement unveiling, we know it will be Harris.

COMMENTARY: Honestly, when I first saw Harris’ regenerated new face, I thought she should ask for a refund. Frankly, it’s horrible!

One must ask, what was wrong with her face in the first place? Yes, she’s in her mid 50s (Harris turns 56 three weeks prior to Election Day) and while everyone wants to look better than they really do, her new look just looks artificial.

Fitting for this year’s Democratic Party, given Joe Biden’s agenda which attempts to convince voters the U.S. Senate Democrats, if given the Senate majority in November, is “moderate” when the Democrat leaders in the Senate are Chuck Schumer (NY) and Illinois’ own Dick Durbin are nothing resembling a “moderate”, except comparing them to Bernie Sanders (I, VT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA). Think of it as an “ideological face lift”.

But Biden’s VP selection, whether Biden wins or loses in the fall, will be the automatic frontrunner for 2024, and is the message going to be your record and who you are is not important? You have to get a face lift and other cosmetic work to be presidential material for a woman?

Biden would send a better message by selecting a different woman, and show the American people, including young girls that you can be anyone you want to be without having to have cosmetic surgery before the final selection.


Kamala Harris Apparently Will be Joe Biden’s Running Mate — 73 Comments

  1. Well, this is one helluva’ bad take.

    First, there’s no evidence that she got plastic surgery, and if you look back at pics from the spring, they are pretty similar to what she looked like yesterday. Instead you compare it to one isolated blurry picture.

    Second, even if she did do something, it could have been surgery, or just botox or filler.

    Third, who cares?

    Fourth, this is hilarious: “it appears Biden is ready to select the junior Senator from California, and Harris’ new face is proof.” WTF?

  2. Cal’s jumping to conclusions on the basis of an unsuccessful facelift ….. they did polling 2 mos ago and darling BLM Kamila LOST votes for the dementia ticket.

    Kamikaze Kamilla even scares bloc voting blacks.

  3. How could she have had the face lift and completely recovered in a week?…..

    takes weeks.

    major plastic surgery leaves you with serious bruising.

    Plus there’s swelling at all the surgical resection/sites.

    My opinion: 1. No plastic surgery
    2. They’ll never pick her, too scary!!

  4. John Lopez’s COMMENTARY gets dumber and dumber by the day.

    Dumb and classless.

  5. OH, I stand by what I said and opinions vary.

    If Harris isn’t the pick, I’ll salute Biden for seeing reason.

    MsTrumpion/Neal, didn’t look at your article, but given Harris is a former prosecutor, she will have baggage just on that alone.

    But that said, of all the women being discussed and in spite of last June’s Democrat debate (yikes! it’s been a year since this happened) when she questioned the busing work Biden advocated, Harris has a well-documented solid friendship with the Biden family.

    That’s been the biggest reason she’s been the consistent leading candidate.

    The others all bring question marks and to my knowledge, none of them have the strong working relationship between the Bidens and Harris.

  6. Kamala Harris’ US Senate tenure is thin, similar to Obama’s. 😑🇺🇸

  7. Cal, you shouldn’t report something as fact because YOU THINK. Nobody has confirmed she will be the running mate.

    Her face transformation was scary by the way.

    Most people on social media are accusing her of having body doubles — as in they don’t even believe that is the same person.

    Some are calling her a lizard or an alien too because look at those eyes.

    It’s like one giant pupil.

    This probably HURT her chances of being VP and certainly made people think twice about voting for her.

    But back to the VP thing…

    Facelift wouldn’t necessarily mean she is going to be the VP.

    These pols mutilate their bodies all the time.

    The Dem convention is coming up soon and if she is going to be a speaker there, she might have wanted to look “better.”

    I find the look to be ghastly.

  8. I actually agree with Alabama for once.

    I’m no fan of Kamala, but this is no evidence. I’m skeptical still that she will be chosen, mainly because the same accusations that were used in the debates will be used against her in the election.

  9. Correcting and all,

    I wrote the article, not Cal.

    I didn’t think I was speaking in absolutes, but “apparently” and “appears to solidify”.

    Clearly, absolutes came across.

    It has been fact in most publications of rankings/lists Senator Harris is the consistent #1 pick, but that doesn’t mean she will be the pick.

    And Eddie is right, Harris is real thin on experience in the Senate, like Obama.

    Unlike Obama, Harris has had executive experience being the California attorney general for a few terms.

  10. Kamala Harris served one term, as California Attorney General. 😑

    She is an expert on busing. 🙂

  11. John,

    One thing is true. Kamala is ugly in both before / after pictures. She might be competing with Gretchen Whitmer for the government’s ugliest, evil hag.

  12. Riveting discussion by Lopez and Some Guy….

    Here are my thoughts on what decisions I think women should be making and should not be making with respect to their own appearances!!!!!

    Here’s my thoughts on the ugliest women in government!!!!!

    Can’t quite figure out why suburban women are leaving the GOP en masse???????

  13. Damn! Harris put the Ugh in Ugly but still more attractive than Kenneally.

  14. The Vice-Presidential choice should focus on qualifications, not gender and race. 😑

  15. Eddie, you are 100% right, and it was Biden himself who committed himself to nominate a woman to be VP.

    All that said, the VP selection qualifications include political ones as well as non-political ones, and Biden’s age, should he win, is prime.

    While many Democrats are giddy over the current polling, and some dare even say the VP choice will not matter, many more, including Biden’s people, remember what the polls said four years ago, and then key constituencies didn’t show up on election day for the Democrats.

    Good example, while the far Left wants Elizabeth Warren, she’s white and 71 years old, and doubtful people want two septuagenarians on the ticket.

    And if many Democrats want Biden’s VP pick to usher in the new generation of younger more enthusiastic voters, Warren won’t do that as a younger candidate like Harris (55) or Duckworth (52) would do.

    Obviously, Hillary’s entitlement mindset turned off voters, and her deciding not to campaign in Wisconsin in final weeks was taken as a prime example.

    But that said, the political qualification of a running mate, particularly the impact of a black woman being running mate, is all about insuring there are no election day no-shows this time for the Democrats.

    Combined with the VERY real possibility if Biden wins, and doesn’t live-out his term, the woman he selects MUST be someone the American people will have no doubt can become the President on day 1.

    Harris has that working for her, Ms. Rice has that working for her, too. Some of the others, it’s more questionable.

  16. Eddie is right, but when have Democrats focused on character rather than race or gender identity or fake equality of outcome?

    Biden also says “You ain’t black!” for black voters who won’t vote Democrat, because their whole platform is based upon catering to the crazies on the basis of identity.

    PinocchiOH thinks that mocking two of this country’s most evil women mocks all women, so clearly the mind control works.

    Real women who love what’s right don’t support Harris or Whitmer.

    There is no intention to have Biden serve a full term.

    The choice is intended to be a replacement for Biden for the long run, to destroy this country even more then when Obama was in office.

  17. Biden also says “You ain’t black!” for black voters who won’t vote Democrat OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

    Some Guy – Trump said the same thing about Jewish voters but it doesn’t crack the top 10,000 most offensive ridiculous things Trump has said so people don’t remember it. I’d be surprised if you even heard of this story, much less remembered it? Surely you aren’t as offended or shocked by it because I don’t see you bringing it up….


    “In my opinion, you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to Jewish people, and you’re being very disloyal to Israel,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Wednesday, “and only weak people would say anything other than that.”

    So when Biden says it, it’s….. OMG!!! THIS IS OUR ENTIRE RE-ELECTION STRATEGY!
    When Trump says it, it’s…. a non-story.

  18. First how to pronounce her name. Is it Cam e la, Cam a la, Kom ala, Coma la?

    She is evil, not honest, per her wretched questioning during the Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Equally wretched during these hearings were other Democrats including Durbin, Whitehouse, Booker and Blumenthal.

    Beginning of the end for this nation has started what with the incompetence and “intentional” recklessness of Democrat mayors and governors allowing and being a party to anarchy and insurrection over the last couple of months. The end will be in sight if and when Biden wins, House stays Democrat and Democrats win the Senate.

    Top Democrats in their Democrat presidential debates last year gave strong indications on their answers to questions on exactly how they intended to destroy this nation if elected.

    Some Guy at 11:47 AM nails it with:

    “There is no intention to have Biden serve a full term. The choice is intended to be a replacement for Biden for the long run, to destroy this country even more then when Obama was in office.”

    Barak Hussein Obama had stated many times that his intention was to “Fundamentally transform this nation”. His dope and sidekick VP, the dufus Biden, has made similar comments.

    The Democrat Party began their tailspin of crazies starting to run their party back in 1972 with their pick of McGovern. And it has accelerated. Look at their top and radical people such as Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, AOC Cortez and her ridiculous Green New Deal taken seriously, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc. The capstone on years of craziness will be a Dufus and Dementia laden old guy named Biden as president with probably a radical VP sitting in waiting to be potus within a couple of years.

    A model for the direction of this nation is Venezuela IF Democrats start to control this nation (POTUS, House, Senate) starting in Jan 2021. Take it to the bank.

  19. As usual, Trump is correct.

    Brainwashed and butt hurt Oh just can’t bring himself to admit it,
    and that’s no way to go through life.

  20. My apologies, Cal. This was John’s article.

    Yeah, so the same points still stand.

    This is speculation, and not strong speculation either, although I do think Harris is one of the likelier picks for Biden.

    In regard to the comment someone made about Obama, Harris and Obama’s chronology of elections is similar.

    Harris was elected to the Senate in 2016 and it’s been four years.

    Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004 and he got elected president in 2008 (4 years).

    I would guess that Harris has done more as a senator in terms of legislation and amendments than Obama did, and she probably has fewer present/waffle votes than he had.

  21. PinocchiOH, I’m not even going to debate this with you.

    Black is black.

    Jewish means a lot of things depending upon who you ask.

    In one context, it could be similar to saying “You aren’t a Christian if you vote Democrat.”

    Democrats hate God, and most hate themselves.

  22. Bred,

    Obama’s campaign slogan was “Change”.

    We got change, alright.

    Change for the worst.

  23. “Black is black. Jewish means a lot of things”

    ah… thanks for clearing that up! I love learning new things from smart intelligent people like yourself.

  24. PinocchiOH doesn’t realize that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are Jewish.

    Amazing that a woman born of a Czech mother and Christian parents ended up Jewish.

    You are associating two entirely different things that don’t really have anything to do with one another, because Democrats are so dumb that they want to lump everyone into their group of oppressed identity losers.

    On the subject of black voters, Creepy Joe is not paying much attention to the large number of highly successful Caribbeans do no associate with the socialists of the Democrat party.

  25. FYI, Kamala comes from an affluent family with a history of slave ownership.

    She should be paying reparations.

  26. Excluding Obama, Democratic Presidents, from Truman onwards, have supported Israel. Republican Presidents, from Eisenhower onwards, have supported Israel.

    Maybe, Trump doesn’t know presidential history.

    Even Hillary would have supported Israel. ⊙.☉

  27. Eddie at 11:17 am said:

    “The Vice-Presidential choice should focus on qualifications, not gender and race.”

    Exactly correct. An honest, trustworthy and legitimate candidate for the presidency would have stated that he/she will search for the “most qualified” person to be vice president no matter the gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference of that person turns out to be.

  28. If (Black) Democratic Voters wanted a Black Candidate, then one would have been chosen from Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Deval Patrick or Wayne Messam. ಠ_ಠ

    By saying Black Woman Vice Presidential Choice, Biden’s choices are limited to Black Women as Congresspeople, 1 US Senator (Kamala), Mayors, Governors (?) and appointed positions (Susan Rice). ರ_ರ

    Biden should have quietly chose someone. ಠ_ಠ

  29. You are associating two entirely different things that don’t really have anything to do with one another, because Democrats are so dumb that they want to lump everyone into their group of oppressed identity losers.
    Can you translate this into an intelligible thought?

    “Amazing that a woman born of a Czech mother and Christian parents ended up Jewish.”
    Why is that amazing?


    Prague has the most vibrant Jewish life in the entire country; several synagogues operate on regular basis; there are three kindergartens, a Jewish day school, two old age homes, five kosher restaurants, two mikvot, a kosher hotel. Three different Jewish magazines are being issued every month. The Prague Jewish Community officially has about 1,500 members but the real number of Jews in the city is estimated to be much higher; between 7,000 and 15,000. Due to years of prosecution by both the Nazis and the subsequent Communist regime, however, most people do not feel comfortable of being registered as such. Moreover, the Czech society is the most secular in the EU.

    Some Guy doesn’t realize some of Trump’s grand kids are Jewish. What’s your point?

  30. Its amazing that the party of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump want to talk about the Dems and how they should pick someone who is qualified.

    And want to somehow imply that Kamala Harris isn’t eminently qualified.

  31. Kamala “eminently qualified” – stop it Alabama, your killing us with your jokes.

  32. Personally I think whoever they pick is probably not qualified.

    Most of these politicians from BOTH sides have not been qualified over a period of many years.

    How else did we get into this mess we are currently in?

  33. Yes, Trump had no prior governmental experience.

    Palin’s elected office, governmental experience is thin like Obama and Harris.

  34. Republican Dwight Eisenhower was president (1953-1961), who served in the military, but had no prior elected office, governmental experience. ಠ_ಠ

  35. Ivanka Trump Kushner is a converted Jew by religion. Her ancestry is German, Scottish and Czech. ಠ‿ಠ

    Jared Kushner is Jewish, by religion and birth. His ancestry is Polish and Jewish.

  36. PinocchiOH is so easy to troll, just like all angry liberals.

    Can’t understand sarcasm at all though.

  37. Befitting worse and the worst easy Pickens now great combo!

  38. Eddie at 2:51 PM said Trump had “no prior governmental experience”. What an accomplishment for Trump.

    First time running for elected office he wins the PRESIDENCY. How many persons start out running at low level for precincts, than alderman or alderwoman, then state rep, then state senator, then US representative, then US senator and then run for president.

    Trump did not need to do that. He had a message and agenda that Americans strongly agreed with in 2016. And he still does in spades in spite of the absolutely tremendous disadvantage, and handicap, he has from the 99 percent left wing media who are in the tank for Democrats no matter if Democrat candidates are very close to being infirm, with dementia, ready for the rocking chair or the casket.

    Trump won IN SPITE of the messiah, Barak Hussein Obama, who on July 5 2016 proclaimed that the thug Hillary Clinton was the MOST QUALIFIED candidate to EVER run for the presidency. This was on the same day that the rigged justice department and the federal bureau per Comey decided not to prosecute Hillary for her numerous crimes of recklessness concerning top secret US government secrets.

    Imagine. Hillary, per Hussein, more qualified than Washington, Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves, Ronald Reagan, Truman, JFK, etc. Barak Obama, the worst ever president of the US proclaims Hillary most qualified and the mostly left wing media just goes along. Will Hussein come along to try to help his stooge and sidekick, Biden, by proclaiming that Joe is just as qualified as the thug Hillary?

  39. Yes, Trump won, via the Electoral College. 😁

    Hillary won the Popular Vote. 😑

    I voted for Trump then and will again. 😁

  40. Lipstick Alley had discussions about Blacks not supporting Kamala, because she isn’t American Descendant of Slaves (ADOS). ☹️

  41. Hey Alabama – why don’t you try staying at work for a whole day and report what it feels like?

  42. When Kamala Harris was 29, she started dating 60 year old Willie Brown, who was the longtime Speaker of the California State Assembly.

    Brown jump started Harris’ political career by appointing her to two lucrative state commissions.

    There are some who say that Harris slept her way to the top, and there is certainly a grain of truth in that accusation.

  43. Eddie, I think that a lot of people, mostly moderate Democrats and some Republicans, didn’t vote at all in 2016.

    I didn’t vote in the last presidential election and was surprised by the outcome.

    Trump has new supporters, in spite of what the mainstream media tells us.

    Also, watch the Biden polls drop once we find out who the VP will be.

    It’s not going to go as well as they suspect.

  44. I cannot wait for Trump to get his a$$ kicked this fall and take the entire Republican party down with him.

    Hopefully we get a vax soon and Trump will have to sit up there while Sleepy, Creepy, Demented, Dufus (that one is just for you BRED! misspelled it and everything for you!) gets sworn in.

    Oh man it’s going to be so great.

  45. **Why can’t Biden pick Alabama Snake.**

    Iff nominated I will not run, and if elected, I will not serve.

    Thanks for thinking about me though.

  46. You people would be hilarious in another time when it wasn’t so desperately sad. Just you arguing politics is the biggest joke. There is no such thing as right/left Republican/Democrat etc. etc. It was all a game to divide and conquer. You are all wasting your precious time arguing over something you have NO CONTROL OVER. Never did! Never was real. They will put whoever they like in charge. But, nothing will EVER change. They are ALL actors and part of the scheme to control ALL of you. After all this time of being had and being lied to continually, you STILL can’t see the charade? They have succeeded in mind-controlling you to peck at each other over NOTHING!

  47. Yea, y’all – stop wasting your time talking about politics.

    Buy some tinfoil and watch youtube videos instead.

  48. Cindy, what I think is different this time is that Trump wasn’t invited to the play.

    He wasn’t supposed to win if we remember the narrative from 2016, Hillary had a 99% chance of winning according to the media.

  49. Neal? Do you actually believe any of that is real? He’s an actor. He’s in there to divide. He’s the MOST divisive person they could have installed. The “right” thinks he’s actually going to do something to better our lives. The “left” just hates him because he’s orange. You don’t think they did that on purpose???? Get a clue. The fix has been in for decades upon decades and they are playing us all. The only way to win that game is to NOT play. They are all related and Satanic. Nobody is EVER going to fix anything. BTW don’t ever quote anything from the media. It’s all a pack of lies. If you can’t see that from the lies they are promoting today then I have no advice for you. If any of this were real would they REALLY be running a demented old pedophile and claiming he’s WAY ahead in the polls? Think about it! They put laughable jokes out there constantly and tell you straight to your face how they are lying. They are laughing at all of you!

  50. The only thing I really disagree with is your assessment of Trump.

    I actually think if anyone would have the balls to do it, it would be him.

    If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

    I know politics is really what can stop things anyway.

    I do have my reasons for believing this to be the cases, but they are not facts so I chose not to share them.

  51. Politics are not the answer is what I meant to say.

    These problems are much deeper than politics.

  52. We got a poster here at 2:38 PM and 4:03 PM who mentions “they” seven times but fails to tell us who “they” is or are.

    Reminds one of the lead imbecile on the View who refers to Trump as “you know who”. DVR that program once in while to find out how ridiculous is the show and the network that sponsors it.

  53. Neal? Do you understand the premise behind the stars on the “Walk of Hollywood? Do you know that your guy has a star? I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in anyone that has a star. It means they are in the club. The one that you aren’t in. (And would NEVER EVER want to be in!)

  54. I’m not putting faith in Trump.

    It’s foolish to put your faith in any man, star or no star.

  55. “…it appears Biden is ready to select the junior Senator…”

    What makes any of you think that Biden has a say in who his running mate is going to be, or even that Joe is going to be the actual presidential candidate?

  56. I don’t think good old Joe even knows he’s running for president, so of course he’s not the one picking.

  57. “Yea, y’all – stop wasting your time talking about politics.

    Buy some tinfoil and watch youtube videos instead.”

    Alabama got a laugh out of me again.

    All jokes aside, I don’t think we should trust most of what we see or hear. All politicians are liars. People got to think for themselves.

  58. Kamala Harris is really Wendy Williams. 😁😊🤣😂

  59. Eddie on :

    Our President Trump Simply Recognizes Jerusalem Because He Is Christian And Believes In Our Heavenly Father And Definetly Recognized Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ And That Is The Reason He Does Not Support Israel Among Other Things.

    If You Ever Read The Bible Before, You Wouldn’t Have Made Such And Uneducated Comment On This Topic. Although People…

    I Mean Sheople Tend To Follow The Radical Left’s Demonic Beliefs And Behaviors And Of Course That Would Make Complete Sense Because Look At Kamala Harris’s Photo With 8 Days Between The Photos…

    The Demons Are Showing Themselves In These Satan Worshipping Demonrats.

    The Bible Has And Continues To Be The Best At Telling Us Through Our Heavenly Father What EXACTLY Has Happened In History Numerous Times And Revalations Seems To Be Predicting EXACTLY What Is Going On In The World Right Now. MAY GOD WATCH OVER AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS WHO FOLLOW IN CHRIST!!!!!




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