Missives to Jack Franks That He Submitted as”Public Comments” a Month Ago

TThe firsto bolster his image, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks decided to submit three communications he received as “Public Comments” during the June McHenry County Board meeting.

The first was a letter of praise from Etta Afuma:

The second was from Chicago campaign contributor Kathy Posner:

The third was dated May 22nd and was from Nancy Fife:

The McHenry Count Board meets tonight at 7.

The Public Comment portion of the meeting is fairly early on the agenda.


Missives to Jack Franks That He Submitted as”Public Comments” a Month Ago — 8 Comments

  1. Etta Afuma ….

    Did she hail from Nigeria?

    Is she a witch doctoress?

    Is she here illegally?

    Did she vote for Franks and Hillary?

  2. How about my letter!

    July 22, 2020

    His Royal Majesty The Jackal
    Lord of McHenry,
    Thane of Marengo,
    Clown Prince of Chemung

    Your Excellency and High Personage,

    Why were you required to have a police escort in Springfield?

    What exactly were the dirty, dirty things you did?

    Did they involve constantly harassing young women staffers and sending dirty, dirty sexts complete w/ filthy, filthy pictures?

    What did Little Debbie say about all this?

    Will you resign to spare your family the embarrassment, pain and public ignominy?

    Your humble tax slave,

    Captain Wilbert Kangaroo, Ret.

  3. Here’s my letter.

    Jack Franks,

    F Off!!!!

    And take your butt sniffer boy Kenneally with you!


  4. Kenneally is the toad of all corrupt public officials in the County.

    The opposite of a patron saint.

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