Missed Opportunity for Statues–Of Denny Hastert & Mike Madigan

Illinois is home to both the longest-serving Republican United States House Speaker and the longest-serving state government House Speaker.

Dennis Hastert and Mike Madigan.

Dennis Hastert

Before the sex scandal broke about Hastert, I suggest his State Representative Tom Cross, then the House Minority Leader, put a statue of Hastert in front of the Yorkville Fire Station on Route 47, a route I took to and from Springfield.

After all, another House Speaker has a statue in a Southeastern Illinois county.

Taking the Illinois State Capitol tour, the Secretary of State’s guide point out a statue of “the longest serving House Speaker.”

Mike Madigan

I told him Madigan had served longer.

“I just repeat the script,” he replied.

Now, it seem as unlikely that Madigan will have his statue in the State Capitol as Rod Blagojevich will have a painting on the second floor Hall of Governors.

Timing is everything.


Missed Opportunity for Statues–Of Denny Hastert & Mike Madigan — 9 Comments

  1. Two sons of “The Land Of Lincoln”.

    The best Illinois has to offer.

    Disgusting, isn’t it ?

  2. When do Illinois residents start taking care of these turds?

    We know that McHenry County politics are just as corrupted but on a smaller playing field.

    Calling Patrick Zzzzzzzz. Kenneally

  3. just sick anitfa on it they will be sure they all get destroyed and pulled down…

  4. Dear Sculptors,

    Get busy. We’re waiting.


    The Pigeons

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