State Issues Coronavirus Warning for McHenry County

“As of July 25, 2020, there have been 2676 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 108 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

First, here is the Saturday report from the McHenry County Health Department:

“As of July 25, 2020, there have been 2676 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 108 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

The death(s) reported today: None.”

Included in the daily press release from the Illinois Public Health Department is the following list of “indicators” used “when determining if a county is experiencing stable COVID-19 activity, or if there are warning signs of increased COVID-19 risk in the county:”

• New cases per 100,000 people.  If there are 50 or more new cases per 100,000 people in the county, this triggers a warning.

McHenry County 7-25-20

• Number of deaths.  This metric indicates a warning when the number of deaths increases more than 20% for two consecutive weeks.
• Weekly test positivity.  This metric indicates a warning when the 7-day test positivity rate rises above 8%.
• ICU availability.  If there are fewer than 20% of intensive care units available in the region, this triggers a warning.
• Weekly emergency department visits.   This metric indicates a warning when the weekly percent of COVID-19-like-illness emergency department visits increase by more than 20% for two consecutive weeks.
• Weekly hospital admissions.  A warning is triggered when the weekly number of hospital admissions for COVID-19-like-illness increases by more than 20% for two consecutive weeks.
• Tests perform.  This metric is used to provide context and indicate if more testing is needed in the county.
• Clusters. This metric looks at the percent of COVID-19 cases associated with clusters or outbreaks and is used to understand large increase in cases.

These metrics are intended to be used for local level awareness to help local leaders, businesses, local health departments, and the public make informed decisions about personal and family gatherings, as well as what activities they choose to do.  The metrics are updated weekly, from the Sunday-Saturday of the prior week.  

A map and information of each county’s status can be found on the IDPH website at


State Issues Coronavirus Warning for McHenry County — 19 Comments

  1. Isn’t this covered under Ethics and Public Corruption laws?

    False reports for violations of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, and may include up to a $5,000 if he or she intentionally obstructs or interferes with an investigation or intentionally makes a false, frivolous, or bad faith allegation. 5 Ill. Comp. Stat. Ann. 430/50-5.

  2. I can see why the big uptick, I went to a local business in Fox Lake yesterday to pick up a catering order.

    The only people wearing masks were the workers and me !

    No one was doing any social distancing an you could not get one more person in the establishment.

    No mask wearing signs on the door but social distancing stickers on the floor but no one could see them it was packed so tightly.

    If people would just understand mask wearing,social distancing and washing hands will curb this virus,let’s not make this political, it’s a serious health issue !

  3. Why does everything have to be negative?

    Why not report the number tested and the number recovered.

    It’s just like watching the news,everything is bad except for the last few minutes.

  4. So I have emailed the mchenry co Health dept with no response..

    we want to know when in door dining bars and gyms will go back to phase 3 ..

    this is a huge factor in the spike ..

    How many more have to get infected before they do something?

  5. As a grocery worker, I would like to ask everyone to keep wearing a mask.

    It keeps me safe which in turn keeps a couple hundred people safe a day who are just trying to buy their food.

  6. Pritzker has had to switch the narrative to focus on “cases” now since deaths have continued to plummet for weeks.

    but anyone with half a brain knows that as more people get infected, the virus mutates, and weakens.

    Not to mention his executive orders were deemed unconstitutional as of April 8th 2020.

    He has no legal ability to continue enacting or referring to “phases” or “lockdowns”.

    He’s done.

    Listen to him if you want, don’t if you are mildly intelligent.

    Wear a mask, don’t, do what YOU think is best.

  7. The ignorance of some commenting is appalling .

    Some of you clearly are brainwashed by conspiracies and need to get your head out of your rears.

    The figures include active cases.

    If anything , there is underreporting of cases and deaths .

    Your attitudes are why sleepy McHenry county is going to have a higher pet population rate than the larger Illinois counties .

    Wear a mask or move to GA, FL or TX where you can be free to die without killing the rest of us .

  8. I see more people in Illinois wearing masks.

    Go to Wisconsin and hardly anyone wears them.

    People cross the border into Wisconsin, party, and return to Illinois.

    I’m not surprised the covid spike because of this.

  9. Yes I’ve been in local groceries and more and more people aren’t wearing masks.

    Managers say they post requirements but aren’t allowed to do anything about violators.

  10. There are huge backups in testing, two weeks for state test sites and 3rd party test facilities.

    A coworker just received their “positive” result today for a test they took on July 10th.

    So are the numbers not reported for which day it was actually a positive test?

    This makes it appear that all these tests were for today.

    They should be added for the day’s counts that the test was actually taken.

    He took a rapid test today via an acute care and he is negative.

    He was Asymptomatic the whole time.

    Oh, and at no time was he asked about who he had been in contact with after he received his test.

  11. In other parts of Illinois, house parties, BLMers and massive outdoor crowds can spread COVID-19. 🤒😷🤧

    In other states, there’s who can get COVID-19 first and coughing parties. 🤧😷🤒

  12. Just a reminder, the “mask” that YOU wear is not really to protect YOU (although it does to varying degrees, depending on the type of your “mask”…

    The main reason people should be wearing a mask is because it protects other people from you, preventing many of your droplets from escaping your mask and infecting others.

    Unadulterated breathing out, talking, coughing ect.

    Is the main made of transmission with covid..

    So wear a mask, save some lives…

    It’s not hard,I wear one for 10 hours a day in a hot warehouse.

    Some people have high risk loved ones, so don’t infect them while your both out and about in public so they can bring it home to their family..

    It’s not hard…

    Also remember wearing a mask with your nose hanging out is just like NOT wearing any mask at all..

  13. Four nitwits walked into Broken Oar tonight wearing masks. Never seen anything like it! Who are these morons?

  14. Each test does not mean 1 individual.

    There could be multiple tests filed for one person because they show up false positive.

    Drives the rates way higher than they need to be.

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