Abolish ICE Rally Handout

Here is what a young woman was handing out at the Woodstock Square really to abolish ICE:

Accompanying the image was this commentary:

This is a copy of the phone script they were handing out at the anti ICE rally.

The young volunteer who gave it to me told me they were giving it to the young people there and others who didn’t understand the issue so they could call the county board members and use this as a guide as to what to say.

The young volunteer who gave it to me did not know who authored the document.

She did not know where it came from and wasn’t able to give me any information about the group behind the event.

From listening to the first speaker and from my general observation I could see this was not an event that was generated by Woodstock residents.

The “master of ceremonies,“ so to speak, was obviously a experienced “community organizer “

As I mentioned earlier those local people who did speak did a poor job.

I would describe the event as a “dud”.


Abolish ICE Rally Handout — 23 Comments

  1. Abolish the second amendment and enshrine Scientology and BLM as state religions, too, which these little zombies.

    Jung will agree with them bc he has no spine, Aavang supports the whole libtard agenda too.

  2. The county jail was built with this detention center in mind.

    Approved by the county board.

    It brings in $8M per year to the county for holding illegal lawbreakers from around the whole country.

    If they were to get rid of that, our already expensive taxes will jump up on the average of $1000 per household and some other county will benefit because they’ll build a detention center to reap the $8M per year benefits.

  3. How about rallies around the US that encourage peoples from the 192 countries outside the U.S. to follow the rules and procedures to gain entry to the USA. Those attending the rallies would be legal immigrants who have friends and/or relatives in other countries who might want to come here. These legal immigrants would tell those in other countries to follow the process, wait in line and come here legally.

    The U.S. is the most generous in receiving huge amounts of legal immigrants each and every year. There would not be a need for ICE detainees if foreigners simply followed the rules.

  4. Where did these people come from – the ICE haters, not the illegal aliens?

    They came from watching CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, even WGN.

    They came from reading newspapers that are written by people who are admittedly 85% Democrat.

    They came from watching entertainment that carries the same Leftist message as the media.

    And it all started with ‘education’ – education replaced by indoctrination.

    I just saw a story about 20 Antifa rioters arrested in Portland.

    Thirteen of the rioters ARE ‘TEACHERS’ IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    I’d recommend that people who believe in the constitution and rule of law make the same calls only supporting ICE.

    But I’d also recommend that we start paying far closer attention to who is ‘educating’ our children, which is to say, to what degree our ‘educators’ are indoctrinating our children.

  5. Rostron says “even wgn”. Wha? How can that be? Chicago’s very own?

    Rostron talks about some teachers (maybe professors also) who indoctrinate our youth. What if all teachers and professors had to wear body cams with full audio in all of their classes. Do some teachers go off-topic (from math, physics, chemistry, biology, social science, etc) and insidiously insert bias at times?

    If Portland story is true, might some teachers/professors be more dangerous to our society and Western Civilization than some small amount of rogue cops?

  6. Lots of teachers and other educators give opinions on topics (un)related to their field(s). 😮

  7. Notice that they left off Kelli Wegener and Carlos Acosta, the only Democrats on that committee.

    I wonder if that’s because they feel Democrats are already going to vote the way they want or because they don’t care how Democrats vote and just want to bother Republicans.

    “I’d recommend that people who believe in the constitution and rule of law make the same calls only supporting ICE.”

    100 percent agree, Richard: make calls, send emails, and go to the Tuesday July 28th law and government committee meeting.

    Get your voice heard one way or the other.

    It’s not “comical,” Paul.

    These people are going to be calling the committee members every day.

    That might be all these board members hear if you don’t speak up, and they might get a lot of calls.

    Board members might end up getting a warped sense of what the community wants.

    These people are pushing your crap in on a daily basis and it’s because a lot of people have the attitude that those people are a “joke.”

    Well, when everybody sane is silent, sometimes the loudest voices prevail — no matter how stupid their ideas are.

    Paul Revere and others, please consider contacting these board members somehow and giving them a piece of your mind like Richard recommended.

    Same for you bred winner, Percy Faith, HonestAbe1, Vincent, and others who read this and do NOT AGREE WITH CANCELLING THE ICE CONTRACT.


    There is a resolution to cancel the contract.

    Tell them you OPPOSE CANCELLING the contract with ICE. Tell them you support ICE!

    You know, that Patch article had 7 comments about the ICE protest and all of them were negative (that is to say they were criticizing the protesters).

    One of the commenters was even a former big shot in the Democratic Party.

    It was nice to see people speak up. We need more people to stand up and stand up when it matters most or else your county is going to end up like Oakland, like Portland, like Minneapolis, like Boston, like all these other places that are being steamrolled by insurrectionist mobs. The contact info is right here in this post.

    Contact these board members.

    Tell your friends, family, and others sympathetic to your views to do the same.

    It’s SICKENING that Jack Franks would even put this lawless action on an agenda for the “LAW and government” committee to begin with.

  8. “Well, when everybody sane is silent, sometimes the loudest voices prevail — no matter how stupid their ideas are.”

    So true

  9. How about handing out some past due and well deserved old fashioned wood shampoos and blanket party’s to these illegal Mexican turds.

    Gratis of course as the illegal Mexican likes free.

  10. I checked and the person you think is an active Democrat isn’t the person you think she is.

  11. The worst example is WGN weather idiot Tom Skilling ( whose crooked brother was the Enron jailbird Skilling CEO) clamoring for BLM and LGBTQ on his weather casts.

  12. Skulking isn’t so cute anymore since he sold out, just like MLB, Steve Reick & the Kenneally bird.

  13. Deport the incompetent, burrito, taco and nacho cheese eating Patty O’Kenneally and make a run for the border.

    Pass the hot sauce Patty O!

  14. I like being politically incorrect. I.C.E., keep up the good work.

    I have never had any problem with police.

    They are good people and do a good job.

    I do like saying Merry Christmas.

    I have no problem saying The Pledge of Allegiance or One Nation Under God.

    I do fly my, our flag 24/7.

    I will always salute my, our flag and I will always give Thanks to God.

    Now if any of this offends you, leave.

    You are more than welcome to leave this country.

    I am sure there is someplace where you might be happy.

    So do yourself and us a favor, leave the greatest country.

    And maybe, just maybe you’ll find a job.

  15. From the pictures of these Mexican protesters in the Northworst Herald, I can see why they’re wearing a mask.

    Years of inbreeding!

    They also look like they should start bathing and using soap.

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