Evelyn Sanguinetti Now Working for Northern Illinois Fair Housing Agency

You can read the article about the HOPE Fair Housing Center she will lead here.


Evelyn Sanguinetti Now Working for Northern Illinois Fair Housing Agency — 20 Comments

  1. More Marxist “it’s not fair” claptrap guaranteed to lower your already depressed
    property values and raise your already too high taxes.

  2. In the article, Evelyn says:

    “But on the heels of the George Floyd tragedy, there is a huge call to learn more about fair housing.”

    A rogue cop murders a man in Minneapolis, one he knew from working as a bouncer in a bar, and somehow after that a “huge call” to learn more about fair housing.

    Absolutely no connection between a murder and housing.

    A good reporter for the newspaper article would have pointed this out and challenged Evelyn to be rational and politely said stop the BS.

  3. She was a reeking RINO from Day One ……… she also likes to lie a lot and fancied herself the reincarnation of Judy Bah Topinka the GOP abortion queen and gay ‘rights’ advocate.

    She told Tauner she’d take his place on the worthless GOP ticket IF she gave him $2 million…. of which shed only spend half, then cash out!

  4. Her goal: wreck stable, low-crime towns and neighborhood because they are ‘too white’ and import welfare minorities who bring their criminal predispositions to your area and kids.

    But to this evil Sanguinetti, negro criminality and low impulse control is all the result of ‘systemic racism’.

  5. I would like to live in Barrington Hills or Inverness but have been prevented from doing so because I cannot afford it. That is “not fair”. Evelyn, what can you do for me to achieve my desire to live wherever I want to? What government programs can you set up to give me many hundreds of $K’s to buy a house and then pay my yearly very high real estate tax bill? Why is life so unfair to we who just want to move to and live where we want to?

    Barak Hussein Obama might say, “What can government do for you”.

  6. I read the article–sounds like a Front under the guise of “we’re here to help the downtrodden get housing they will pay for”, but instead will be working through the Law to get LOW Income Free or subsidized housing forced into the suburbs and ex burbs.

    Reminds me of what happened in our own town, where that housing was pushed on the residents, who did not want it.

    I went to a meeting about it and the loudest voice in the room was calling people actual “RACIST” who presented ideas against it…turns out that Loudmouth lived nowhere near where the housing would go, and already had a near acre lot and distance from any other neighbors where they lived.

    Its a scam, reads like a do gooder lawyer wanting to help “discriminated people who can afford housing but get discriminated against”….

    its a repackaged Obama/Biden plan to make the suburbs like the cities.

    They just got 360k as a Federal Grant…

    gee let me guess they’ll buy new office furniture, cars and robo calls to threaten Towns across Northern Ill to work with us or we’ll just come in and dictate your towns Housing Plans.

    Its the Obama/Biden plan folks disguised as the aged old “we’re here to help”…

  7. Nobody wants their town, village or suburb becoming another Waukegan, North Chicago or Zion ☹️

  8. Ever notice the Whites who push for public housing and integration actually live in Lily White neighborhoods themselves? 😮

    Paul DeNovi, Matthew Rago (Biracial), Steve Bogira, Ben Jovarsky, John Kass, Eric Zorn, Angela Dahleen Glanton (Black), Mick Dumke, Maya Dukmosova, John Austin Greenfield and more. ☹️

  9. Dufus Dementia Joe Biden, a trojan horse. No doubt that his handlers have a whole lineup of administration people that will be resurrected from the Obama/Biden regime to come in and implement things to destroy this nation including dense housing in suburban areas. Think of how many dense housing apartments might be put on a five acre lot in a Northwest Suburb of Chicago famous for its huge houses and horses.

  10. Eddie, I couldn’t agree w/ you more!

    Section 8, ain’t it great! My grand daughter gets raped by an ape, but the ‘dieversity’ is good for her!

  11. She was a phony from the start. What a lying rat. Typical RINO.

  12. LEE Preston, elites don’t care about us. They socially engineered a doomed country.

  13. “LEE Preston, elites don’t care about us. They socially engineered a doomed country.”

    This is why the young people are falling for the Marxist bs.

    They sense something is wrong and they are right.

    Unfortunately they have teachers who lie to them about the real problems in this country.

  14. Another Rauner crony who’s just as Pro-Illegal Immigration as he is…

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