IL-06: Algonquin Village President John C. Schmitt Remembered by Congressman Sean Casten

John C. Schmitt

Sunday night tweets pay tribute to Algonquin’s village president and 27 years on the village board

In most summers past, the last full weekend of July would have been the celebration of Founders’ Days in the village of Algonquin, the summer festival celebrated since the mid 1960s.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Founders’ Days was cancelled this year. During the darkened weekend, Village President John C. Schmitt passed away suddenly.

Congressman Sean Casten tweeted the following in series of tweets, which are transcribed for ease of reading:

Congressman Sean Casten on Algonquin Rd. bridge over Fox River in Algonquin during 2019 Founders’ Days

“In the midst of so much loss, I am saddened by the passing of yet another dedicated public servant, Algonquin’s Village President John Schmitt.

“Whether it was flood mitigation or access to reliable transportation, John was at the forefront working to create and implement solutions.

“I knew him to be a humble leader, one who shunned the spotlight unless it was a means to facilitate improvement.

“I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to know John, learn from him and witness firsthand the strength of his service and leadership.

“I extend my deepest sympathy to his family, the citizens of Algonquin and McHenry County for this tremendous loss.

“In addition to leading the Village of Algonquin for the past 18 years, John also served on the McHenry County Council of Governments’ Executive Committee where he worked diligently and collaboratively to improve the lives of all those throughout the region.”

Congressman Sean Casten, 7/26/20 tweets

The 6th congressional district includes nearly the entire village of Algonquin within its boundary (Grafton Township portion of village in the 14th district).

Schmitt was first elected to the village board in 1993 as a trustee, and after being reelected twice, in late 2002, his fellow trustees appointed him acting village president to serve the unexpired term of President Salvatore “Ted” Spella, who passed away in office in December of 2002.

Schmitt won election to the village presidency in 2005, and won reelection 3 times, serving as the president to the time of his passing.

Schmitt is survived by his wife Cheryl, his children and grandchildren.


IL-06: Algonquin Village President John C. Schmitt Remembered by Congressman Sean Casten — 4 Comments

  1. Of course the PoS Casten lionizes this demo mook who was always the glutton.

  2. John Schmidt became a leftist wretch. His obesity is irrelevant imo.

    When I saw he a Franks campaign piece with him listed as an endorser, I questioned Schmidt about it a week later.

    He laughed and said something about going along to get along with ‘the powers that be.”

    I told him to his face that what he did was sell out to a corrupt megalomaniac.

    Schmidt laughed again and said ‘all the county’s mayors and village presidents had to do it or face opposition.

  3. God rest his soul.

    My condolences to the family.

    I never agreed with any of his positions.

    He lost my support when came dressed as a rusty patch bubble bee.

    Longmeadow parkway an unneeded highway through a residential neighborhood.

    May God bless him.

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