Johnsburg Gives Village Residents $20 to Spend in Town

From the Village of Johnsburg:


The COVID-19 Coronavirus has greatly affected all of our lives, and our business community has especially been hard-hit.To help revitalize our economy, the Village has established a voucher program that will provide a $20 voucher (Bucks) to every household in Johnsburg to be spent at participating Johnsburg businesses.

The program, known as the “Johnsburg Bucks Program”, began effective July 13, 2020.  

Johnsburg residents must apply for their “Bucks” in person with proof of residency at the Village Hall (1515 Channel Beach Ave, Johnsburg, IL 60051).

Click here for further information and to access the application.

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Any other towns doing this?


Johnsburg Gives Village Residents $20 to Spend in Town — 12 Comments

  1. ‘Village residents,’ including the section 8 freeloaders.

    Why not the taxpayers? Something about this program sucks.

  2. Section 8’s aside…..

    Renters ARE essentially paying the owner’s property taxes in their monthly rent.

    In fact a bit more, as a non-owner-occupied property is assessed at a higher rate.


  3. What are the smoking in my town.

    I go to Wisc every chance I get!

  4. This headline is why we are so screwed.

    Should be “Government of Johnsburg takes $1000’s from taxpayers and gives $20 back to spend, maybe on cakes? They like to eat cake right?.”

    The Government does not make, it can only take at the point of a gun and threat of violence.

    Worse many of the supporters of this program were brainwashed into thinking Reagan trickle down didn’t work despite reality.

    This is a minor version without the inconvenient permanent defunding of government.

  5. Well Johnsburger, that’s just it.

    They’d hope to persuade you go to Wisconsin less, and start spending time and money back in your own hometown again.

    You know, like you cared or something.


  6. Selling your data for twenty bucks? Things are getting penurious. How niggardly of the village.

  7. Is this actual money that the city is spending or are these just coupons that the city is distributing?

    It says vouchers but I don’t know if the city is paying for the expenses or if they’re being offered by the companies or some mixture of both.

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