IL-14: Former Underwood Staffer’s Resignation from DuPage County Board Candidacy Makes Tribune’s Page 3

Looking at the Chicago Tribune today, I saw this article about former Congresswoman Lauren Underwood Hadiya Afzal on page 3:


IL-14: Former Underwood Staffer’s Resignation from DuPage County Board Candidacy Makes Tribune’s Page 3 — 12 Comments

  1. Curious that the followers of Islam have nothing to say about this.

    Perhaps Allah forbids it.

    Silence is violence as were are so often admonished by the Left.

    As the war on Whitey rages on unnoticed by those who wish to destroy America.

  2. Typical Tribune write up…they identify the reporter Andy Ngo (using conservative descriptor of course) who broke this news, add in something about it occurring in Portland and leave out completely the absolute ass beating and brutality he himself suffered at the hands of Afzals budddies, Antifa.

    Just because she wears a blanket on her head doesnt mean she comes in Peace—she proved it with that tweet. Underwood hires this ilk?


    Underwood is for Biden and so is Afzal.

    Straight answer yet from Underwood on Defunding the Police?

    Heard that a hundred times today from her buddy Nadler at the Barr hearing “Yes or No answer please”…

  3. So this is representative of the people welcomed to work in Lauren Underwood’s staff?

    Why do I suspect that Underwood would share in the ‘little joke’?

    Underwood doesn’t support the police.

    She doesn’t actually support the majority of people she represents – has the furthest Left voting record in Congress.

    A vote for Underwood is a vote to end free speech, a vote to defund the police, and a vote to suspend the constitutional rule of law.

    Jim Oberweis has my vote – 100%

  4. Muslims rarely, if ever, criticize other Muslims. ☹️

    Democrats are all about violence, just look at inner cities and certain suburbs. 😑

  5. Why doesn’t she bug out to Somalia?

    She can live there as ‘the new Queen of Sheba.’

    And there she can parade about and prattle about America being so damn racist.

  6. If the USA is do horrible for these alien snowflakes, maybe they should get the hell out and take all their illegitimate children, grandparents, etc., with them to their 3rd World’s

  7. I know of one Polish Irish American, who never resided in Poland, but ironically loves Socialists and Communists. ☹️

    Ironically, Lori Lightfoot, Don Lemon, Alexandra Oscasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar hate Whites, but somehow married them. Ilhan’s husband might be Muslim now. ☹️

  8. Eddie, the Reds at least saved the genetic basis for Eastern Europa.

    I remember reading a classified report that Vietnamese coolies brought into E. Germany were very strictly housed and never allowed to mix with their German hosts.

    When a Viet had carnal knowledge of a pre-teen German girl, the Stasi secret police held an impromptu summary tribunal and the asiatic rapist was liquidated asap.

    Now, the Merkel regime gives medals to the Muslim hordes who rape the most German girls and boys.

  9. Lee, the Muslim rapists are active in Sweden too. 😮

    Don Lemon is married to Tim Malone. 😮

  10. Democrats showing true colors!

    We must vote them out!
    All are Marxist.

    Other, Thalib.

    Supports the BDS movement.

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