Finally, a Dem House Member Calling Madigan to Resign

Of course, she is one who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to beat Republican Peter Breen.

Here is Rep. Terra Costa Howard’s statement:

After careful thought and deliberation, I am calling for Michael J. Madigan to resign as Speaker of the House and Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

The sworn statements in the U.S. Attorney’s agreement with Commonwealth Edison detail a years-long scheme of payoffs and bribery involving many of Speaker Madigan’s closest allies.

Even if he was not directly involved in this scheme, these accusations clearly demonstrate that the Speaker’s leadership has failed.

Speaker Madigan has a duty to recognize that these allegations have cast a deep shadow on the reputation of our House

He must take action now to avoid inflicting further damage on the members of the House and the Democratic Party.

Speaker Madigan has not been charged with any crime, and he — like all of us — is entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process. But the corruption and unethical behavior that have been revealed by this investigation make it impossible for Rep. Madigan to continue in his leadership roles.

I hope he will do the honorable thing and step down.


Finally, a Dem House Member Calling Madigan to Resign — 1 Comment

  1. Blah, blah, blah ….. virtue signaling faker.

    She’s so woke she screams it’s a thoughtcrime to say ‘all lives matter’ instead of the African kind.

    It’s all for show!

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