Franks Stops Hiding His Opposition to House Illegal Aliens in County Jail

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ fingerprints were all over the bare bones resolution to kick ICE detainees out of the County Jail.

After all, he makes no bones about putting items on agendas–both committee and county board–without letting members know first.

Jack Franks in an “I’m in charge” mode.

Listening to the Law and Government/Liquor Committee meeting yesterday, one could see a majority of the members didn’t ask for consideration.

And, if Chairman Robert Nowak took that action, it was impossible to tell from his comments or “No” vote.

But today, Franks’ mouthpiece, the Northwest Herald–has a paragraph in its page 4 story about the 6-2 defeat which clearly implicates the Chairman:

Although the resolution failed in the committee meeting, Franks said it can still go up for discussion in new and unfinished business at the full board meeting.

Franks is clearly trying to stay in “I’m in control mode,” while he frets over what the Sangamon County State’s Attorney will do with the Illinois State Police’s criminal sexual allegations.


Franks Stops Hiding His Opposition to House Illegal Aliens in County Jail — 13 Comments

  1. Why doesn’t the County Board order Franks be chaperoned by a deputy sheriff or two?

    I mean, for crying out loud, even Madigan protected the people in the Springfield Capitol from the hideous Franks.

    It’s a matter of public safety!

  2. In my opinion the Northworst Herald has incredibly incompetent and extremely unprofessional editorial staff but that’s the way those who run this fishwrap are paid to do by their benefactors like Franks.

    ” The Northworst Herald…. It’s Not News, It’s Propaganda!”™

  3. let mrpos house them and feed them and be their keeper w/o burdening the legal american citizen than i have no problem, you take care of em… at your place …

    we are NOT part of that sanctuary bs in chitown …

    nor do we want the burden of it all…


  4. Will Brian Sagers’ housboy(s) be subject to ICE detention when Brian turns him in for ‘cheating’ on him with another teen?

    I just wanna know!

  5. Interesting that the article never quoted Prim or Curran both in law enforcement!

    Or how Prim told off Wegner about her stupid comment!

    NWorstH and Jacko put censorship in the rag!

  6. Sure Kenneally does. Kenneally sides with himself,his benefactors and whatever benefits him politically.

    IMO, he’s a slippery turd of the first order and a piss poor Attorney who’d be broke in private practice working for $10 dollars per hour. How’d a muni court hack get to be McHenry County States Attorney is the big question!

  7. During public comment at County Board meetings, can members of the public ask for an update on the sexual assault allegations against Jack Franks..?

  8. Franks’ car is filled with clothes and other junk.

    Was he booted from his nest?

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