McSweeney Calls for New Speaker, Com Ed Hearings — 6 Comments

  1. LOL – Dave is funny. “Elect a GOP reformer as Speaker.

    Sure, Dave, as soon as you find a way to have a majority of the House be Republicans.

  2. Has Dave McSweeney called his Democrat bro, Jack Franks, and asked HIM why he hasn’t made a statement about Madigan??

  3. Has McSweeney called out Franks on anything for that matter?

    He found time to complain about Brettman, Tirio, Evertsen, and Gasser.

    Hmmm… Recently he’s been finding time to tweet like 100 times about the gas tax hike from last year but was silent about the ICE issue happening right now McHenry County.

    Hmmm… Funny how McSweeney writes bills that specifically target McHenry County because he claims to have their best interests in mind, but was silent about the ICE issue, and he’s been silent about Franks’ other scandals.


    Wasn’t McSweeney good friends with that McClain creep who wrote that email to the agriculture secretary recommending some loyal worker who kept their mouth shut about rape in a Champaign office

    This is the same guy who is frustrating feds by not flipping on Madigan, right?

    McSweeney seems to have a code of science with Jack Franks who has his own issues.

    Hmmmm… And McSweeney wrote that bill which would make it easier to abolish townships.

    Imagine if townships were abolished and the formerly township roads fell under the county board’s authority to maintain.

    County board members would maybe have to plead with Jack Franks or cut deals to get potholes fixed (this is one of the many reasons you’re going to want to avoid single member districts after the census and during redistricting)… Wow.

    I wonder what Franks and McSweeney know about each other…

  4. Maybe Correcting is yet another crooked township road commissioner.

    I know that crooked township rd commissioner is something of a redundancy, but who else can defend the waste?

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