Peter Breen Calls Out Madigan-Financed Dem Who Beat Him for All of a Sudden Being Anti-Madigan

From former State Rep. Peter Breen, who is a candidate to re-take his seat:

Republican Response to Terra Costa Howard Flip Flopping Again on Madiga

Peter Breen

“Terra Costa Howard’s announcement today on Madigan is a desperate move by a failing politician,” said Peter Breen, former Republican Floor Leader and candidate for the 48th District.

“And it’s yet another flip flop from Costa Howard.

“She lied to the people of the 48th District during the 2018 election, when she told them she was independent and wouldn’t support Madigan.

“Costa Howard then took millions of dollars from Madigan to run the most filthy election campaign the people of our district have ever seen.”

“I’ve heard the anger and betrayal while talking with many residents on their doorsteps: they are furious with Costa Howard for taking Madigan’s money, and handing over our district to him.

“She didn’t just vote for Madigan for Speaker, she voted for his Rules, and she repeatedly gave her vote to him when he demanded it.

“Terra Costa Howard voted for Madigan’s interests over the interests of the people of the district.

“Today’s announcement doesn’t erase the hypocritical stain of her deception against our neighbors, and it doesn’t change the fact that she spent nearly every dime of Madigan’s dirty money.

“And she won’t even commit to return the $50,000 she still has in her campaign account, from that multi-million-dollar pile of tainted cash.”

Breen’s 2020 campaign has repeatedly highlighted Costa Howard’s connections to Madigan, including her taking millions in campaign cash from him, voting for him for Speaker of the House (her very first vote), and in going back on her commitments to oppose tax hikes and promote fiscal responsibility.

Breen has emphasized that Costa Howard voted for Madigan’s interests in nearly every instance.

Breen heightened awareness yesterday that Costa Howard was taking Madigan’s money again, even after the prosecution of ComEd for bribing Madigan and his associate

He highlighted a mailer paid for by Madigan supporting Terra Costa Howard, which had just arrived in 48th District mailboxes

Breen delivered a Facebook Live video sharing this news and explaining in detail how Madigan funded Costa Howard through multiple campaign committee

The 18-minute video has been viewed by over 9,000 people in the local area in less than a day

Previously, on the day the U.S. Attorney announced the prosecution of ComEd, Breen delivered a Facebook Live video on that subject which was viewed by over 37,000 people in the region.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) lauded Breen’s efforts, stating, “One has to wonder if Terra Costa Howard would have taken this step, if not for the strong efforts of Peter Breen, as he has been up in our internal polls, even before he started highlighting her substantial financial support from Madigan and her vote for him for Speaker.”


Peter Breen Calls Out Madigan-Financed Dem Who Beat Him for All of a Sudden Being Anti-Madigan — 6 Comments

  1. About time Breen steps up and calls out Howards for the Madigan machine FAILURE that she is.

  2. GOP: Dems should demand that Madigan resign!

    Dem candidate: Madigan should resign

    GOP: That doesn’t count!

  3. Rest assured, if State Rep. candidate Ness or Sager say that Madigan should resign, I’ll write a story.

    However, I’ll keep looking at campaign finance reports to see if she continues taking Madigan monehy.

  4. Cal, would you do the same for Armstrong-McLeod, Paschke, and Suelzer?

    They’re all Democrats running for state rep and parts of their district are in McHenry County too.

    Don’t forget about them!

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