Pressure on Madigan To Resign Should Come from”If” Democrats

The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn has been a defender of House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Yesterday, however, he jumped ship.

And he decried the “If” Democrats:

In McHenry County, we don’t even have “If” Democrats.

None of the following elected Democrats have called for Madigan’s resignation:

Jack Franks conferring with Mike Madigan.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, who voted for Madigan to be House Speaker nine times.

Nancy Pelosi and Kristina Zahorik

Democratic Party Chair’s Association Chair Kristina Zahorik.

Suzanne Ness

McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness, who is running for State Rep.

Michael Vijuk

McHenry County Board member Michael Vijuk.

Carlos Acosta

McHenry County Board member Carlos Acosta.

Kelli Wegener
Paula Yensen

McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen.

And the Northwest Herald does not think it is worth asking.


Pressure on Madigan To Resign Should Come from”If” Democrats — 15 Comments

  1. Cal –

    Do you think every elected Republican should be asked whether they agree or disagree with the President that we should consider the possibility of pushing back the election?

    If they agree with the President do you think they should be asked to explain what would happen if their term expires and there’s no election?

    Should they be asked about how far back the election should be pushed?

    Keep on this!

  2. Cal – I’ll help you out.

    The answer to all of these questions is yes.

    Every single elected Republican who sits in office should be asked this question.

    I expect that you will do this and report back to the readers of MCB.

    This is a political blog.

    the issue of whether politicians agree or disagree with pushing back the election is of utmost importance.

    I would urge everyone to call their elected officials and get them on record right now.

  3. Let me say first that I don’t think postponing the election is a good idea.

    I also don’t think that is actually what Trump wants.

    He really trying to say that mail in ballots are a possible source of fraud, and if covid is really that bad, it would be better to delay the election, rather than an unfair vote.

    It’s really kind of a sarcastic way of making the point, and that is fitting with Trump’s personality.

    As to what would happen if a delay were needed seems to be up to Congress and the states.

    In reality you are not voting for president in November, the real election is in December.

    The states can select electors however they see fit, and Congress can regulate the day they are chosen.

    Considering that covid isn’t really that big of a threat there is no need for a delay.

    The bigger threat to the polls in November will be the mostly peaceful rioting that will likely kick back up just in time for the election.

  4. Neal – Are you an elected official?

    I want to hear from all my Republican elected officials sitting in office.

  5. Re Ohon and delay of election –

    There is no question that the election should be delayed in that the Democrat presidential candidate, Biden, is very evidently incapacitated with dementia or something similar.

    He is incapable of being an alderman or precinct captain much less the president.

    In the event the election goes on as scheduled and he wins, he is grossly incompetent medically and would be a threat to the security of this nation. Therefore the election should be rescheduled until such time that the Democrat Party replaces Joe Biden.

    The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked soon to replace Biden with a Democrat that is sound of mind and body.

  6. Oh-Way to go!

    Yes indeedy, people should be on the phone to their elected officials.

    This is the time for all of their voices to be heard, on the subject of Mike Madigan and corruption!

  7. It’s late now to replace Biden now.

    Democrats voted overwhelmingly for him. 😁

  8. Reason really pretty obvious to all “GREED” DOUBLE DIPPER…

  9. If “we” are replacing corrupt politicians, then (almost) all should resign. 😁

  10. Newspapers like Daily Herald and NW Herald should at least ask the Madigan question to candidates running for state rep, including Sager, Armstrong-McLeod, Ness, Suelzer, and Paschke.

    As members of the House, they would have to vote on who the Speaker is, so the question is totally relevant

    They should also ask Zahorik who has like 4 titles and is a higher-up in the state party as well as a local Democratic figure.

    I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to ask Jack Franks the question either.

  11. But Bred, wouldn’t the 25th apply only to an installed POTUS?

    I think they’d have to wait.

    Makes VP choice all the more obviously the whole point of that regime choice.

    Can’t see anything in their hand that will be attractive in any way.

    Their VP will be looked at by voters as defacto POTUS.


  12. Ah yes since Blago left we have space now for all … involved…

  13. President Franklin Roosevelt, as sitting president, replaced Vice-President Henry Wallace,(1944), a leftist, with US Senator Harry Truman. 😐

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