Pritzker Administration Divvies Up Pork – Almost $4.2 Million for McHenry County Governments

$4,161.870 is what county government, townships and municipalities in McHenry County will receive from Rebuild Illinois:

McHenry Township gets the most; Grafton the least.

Crystal Lake is the big winner; Lake in the Hills comes in second.


Pritzker Administration Divvies Up Pork – Almost $4.2 Million for McHenry County Governments — 14 Comments

  1. And who is gonna pay for all this?


    Madikahn and com ed?

  2. Are all capital projects pork?

    Also, looks like your math is wrong. I’ve got $5.16M on these pages.

  3. There’s also a typo in your headline, Cal. You meant to write divvies, not divves.

  4. Portuguese people in Angola and Mozambique thought they would defeat the Marxist terrorists quickly.

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  5. Algonquin township can’t even pay their lawyers fees with that kind of money.

  6. Our road is not paved and Mchenry does not even plow my street.

    What the hell do I pay taxes for?

  7. A contractor from Chicago goes to Washington to bid on painting a fence at the Whitehouse.

    The government official takes bids from a contractor from Tennessee. After some figuring and measuring he says $400 for labor,$400 for profit & $100 for in Materials. $900 Total.

    Another contractor from Alabama comes and does some figuring and measuring and comes to the same conclusion, $400 for labor, $400 for profit, and $100 in materials.$900 Total

    Now the guy from Chicago looks at the government official and without doing any figuring or measuring, says I couldn’t possibly do this job for less than $4000..

    The government official incredulous as to why he is bidding so much more asks why it costs so much.

    Simple says the man from Chicago. $1000 for you, $1000 for me and we pay these idiots from Alabama and Tennessee $500 bucks each to do the job.

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