Pritzker on Ethics: Bad, But No Action

Found on Capitol Fax from a JB Pritzker press conference yesterday:

Jack Franks and JB Pritzker

Well, let me begin by saying that we, there is genuinely a problem that needs to be addressed with ethics legislation in the state, no doubt about it and I’ve been very clear about the many pieces of that legislation that I will be okay.

I put those out months ago in fact you’ve seen for example the this revolving door where people are in the legislature one day, and they flip around and become a lobbyist or a consultant the next day for Commonwealth Edison or somebody else. So we need to move on ethics legislation no doubt about it.

In addition to that, I would say, I am concerned overall, there has been a history in Illinois among Republicans and among Democrats of corruption.

To address this. There’s just no doubt I think there’s cynicism that abounds among voters and rightfully so when you hear about what Commonwealth Edison did and what anybody that was engaged may have done. So, those are things that I worry about all the time and I will pay very close attention.

I think that it affects the politics.

I think that the swamp in Washington DC that the President has created is another thing that plays a role in the cynicism of people in Illinois.

I think we’ve got to address that one too.

A question from Rich Miller through Mary Ann Ahern:

“Governor, you said in January that when there’s “clear” evidence of targeting by criminal investigators, “that’s the point at which folks should step aside.” Do you not see clear evidence of this with Speaker Madigan? And if not, why not?… “

Well I have been clear that, you know when there is a raid, when there is an indictment, you know I have called for people to step down from their positions, or to resign.

So I have said the same thing. I’ve said that, you know, if you know if these allegations are true, the speaker should, is going to be required to resign, in my view.

By the way, that’s the same thing that the Republican caucus leaders in the General Assembly said when they responded.


Pritzker on Ethics: Bad, But No Action — 7 Comments

  1. “I think that the swamp in Washington DC that the President has created is another thing that plays a role in the cynicism of people in Illinois.”

    What does Trump have to do with a crooked politician from the opposing party, who has been in power for 30+ years?

    Who is in the white house has nothing to do with the problems in Illinois.

    Just another example of how the democrats just want to blame everyone on the bad orange man.

  2. And let’s not forget this is a man who has no respect for the law or courts.

    We simply should round up all the crooked politicians from both sides and remove them from this country.

    I’m sure if the truth were known we could charge many on both sides with many many crimes.

  3. Pritzker on Ethics ?

    The emperor has no clothes – and that’s a truly disgusting and revolting image when
    applied to Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony.

  4. This fat guy disconnected his toilets in one of his houses to evade paying his fair share of real estate taxes. he is a billionaire who inherited his fortunes.

  5. He has no ethics himself in letting the unemployed in his state go months without compensation due, because he’s too busy playing Burger King with the Virus, and playing with people and small business owners lives with shutdowns, limited openings, shut down again.

    why are Union Teachers still getting paid full salaries when they havent worked since March and many wont work at all come September?

    Taxpayers want our money back for having to pay Teachers and Administrators not teaching nor administrating.

    No Ethics Governor, just taking care of his Teacher Union voters at our expense.

  6. Bob Wire at 10:21 PM on July 30 brings up an excellent point with regards to paying teachers and administrators for not being in the classroom. The second half of our tax bills will be due within the next couple of months. Can somebody in the McHenry County Government, the County Board, Treasurer, whomever, start an investigation into how much of our yearly tax bill should be reduced due to lack of services by teachers and administrators in all of our school districts.

    What proportion of our total real estate tax bills should be cancelled because teachers and administrators were not doing their jobs at schools and school offices during this year and in the months ahead?

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