Resign “If” Republican Switches

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin’s first reaction to House Speaker Mike Madigan’s being tied to Commonwealth Edison’s criminality was that the Democrat should resign if the allegations of his involvement were true.

Apparently, his lawyer approach was too mild for his troops.

Here is the result:


Resign “If” Republican Switches — 3 Comments

  1. funny i don’t hear anything from ms. buckwheat or dickie durbin or tammy duckie… ?

  2. Jerkin’ Jim Durkin – Another SPINLESS RINO who is responsible
    in part for the fiscal disaster Illinois has become.

    What will it take to rid ourselves of this parasite ?

  3. Republican state rep candidates should be asked whether they support Jim Durkin as their leader.

    In McHenry County, that would be Weber, Reick, Skillicorn, Ugaste, and McLaughlin.

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