AJ’s Father’s Attorney Andrew Freund Negotiating with State’s Attorney

AJ Freund


“A.J.’s father has pleaded not guilty, but at a status hearing on Thursday, Special Public Defender Henry Sugden told McHenry County Judge Robert Wilbran ‘the state and I have been engaged in pretty serious negotiation’ ever since Cunningham’s plea.

“It’s not the first time Freund’s attorney has said he is working on a possible plea deal. Last October, he said said they had started working toward a negotiated plea, and his client was willing to cooperate with prosecutors.”

The next court date is August 28th.

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The story made the middle of page 5 in the Chicago Tribune.


AJ’s Father’s Attorney Andrew Freund Negotiating with State’s Attorney — 15 Comments

  1. Patty O’Kenneally is likely considering doughnuts and pizza from Freund as well as a hair transplant in exchange for time served.

    You don’t get that pear shape without trying.

  2. If Freund is a cooperating witness in the prosecuting of Acosta this may be good news.

    If the prosecution makes Freund’s plea a laddered deal based upon how crucial his testimony is in the successful conviction of Acosta then this may be an excellent deal for The People.

  3. Better negotiate it a little clearer this time because that fat lazy Judge found a way to nullify her negotiated plea by pointing out what she didn’t plead guilty to, then went out of his way to make us think she was a saint and it could have been unintentional and will be 70ish when she gets out.

    Liberal monkeys are taking over this county.

  4. Do you really think Kenneally will touch anyone on Franks’ pit crew?

  5. I’m sure Patrick D. Kenneally is getting someone’s advice as that dipstick doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and will botch this like he did the first time he got laid as a twenty eight year old virgin.

  6. Sugden v Kenneally and his Mongoloid elves.

    I’m betting heavily on Sugden.

  7. I simply cannot believe that McHenry County trust’s Kenneally with the Office of States Attorney to handle matters as important as this.

    There’s simply has to be someone who’s more competent than this jackass in my humble opinion. Isn’t their a Middle School student available?

  8. CornPop, You are absolutely spot on as Sugden will mop the Courthouse floors with Kenneally.

    I’d bet a first year law student would embarrass that dumbass.

  9. Priest ….very interesting observation….

    I hope he does expose Acosta but more than that he exposes the whole picture of The Local Dcfs and the patronage system they employ

    My question would be..

    Who recommended Acosta for the job?

    .any guesses?

  10. Every few years, there’s another dead child, via DCFS.

    DCFS vows to change, but never does. Neither does the courts.😵

    One egregious tragedy was Joseph Wallace (1993), murdered by his mother, Amanda Wallace.

    The grandmother begged to have custody of Joseph, but was told no. 😭

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