LITH Police Retrieve Revoked FOID Card for State Police — 11 Comments

  1. If Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony, says those guns are causing
    COVID1984 to spread throughout the land, they will be confiscated by the ISP.

  2. It’s a crime to possess it.

    Could you expound on this article, what does it mean?

    This can’t be all that you learned?

  3. This is intentional and people better get ready to fight to the death.

    We know who has orchestrated this..

    Just like every other modern Revolution..

    The ole “stab” in the back by the ole reliable “nation” wreckers.

    How convenient that Bankers supposedly won’t be blamed for the collapse?

    Who could have dreamed up a better scenario for the Bankers? lol

    Or should we say Internationalists?

  4. It goes something like this:

    When a person’s FOID card gets revoked by ISP, possibly due to arrests for domestic violence or gun charges, the arrestee gets the revocation letter and has 48hrs to turn in their guns and FOID card to their police agency.

    They might have the option of having someone outside their home with a valid FOID card hold their guns for safekeeping.

    The town or agency where they live also receives the revocation letter.

    It may say something about it on the ISP website in the FOID section.

  5. Well, at least they found the time to revoke one because they don’t have time to issue them.

  6. Why does one need a a now unobtainable card to exercise one’s constitutional right!

  7. Why aren’t the pampered cops arresting illegal alien criminals?

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