Critiquing “Whiteness” Museum Poster

From Richard Rostron of Woodstock:

Smithsonian African American museum poster on ‘Whiteness’ speaks volumes about ‘Blackness’ 


Definition of objectivity 

the quality or character of being objective lack of favoritism toward one side or another freedom from bias 

I wonder how it would go over if I created a poster titled: “Aspects & Assumptions of Blackness & Black Culture in the United States?”

Can you picture the uproar?

For that matter, just suggesting the idea is liable to create an angry response

But that’s what the National Museum of African American History and Culture created – though theirs was about “Whiteness & White Culture.” 

The first thing about their poster is that, apparently, they may have recognized the double standard, or one of the other problems with the poster, because they took it down fairly quickly.

When I say ‘other problems’ I’m referring to the content of the poster. 

No, I’m not about to launch into a defense of ‘whiteness’ or a tirade about how I ‘feel offended.’

I don’t feel offended.

In fact, I generally agree with the content of their poster, though I don’t think the content is limited to whites or any kind indication of ‘whiteness.’

Rather, I think the poster says more about the attitude of many blacks (and whites) in America today.

Unfortunately, it’s ludicrous.  

The poster is broken down into the following categories that indicate “Whiteness & White Culture”: 

  • Rugged Individualism 
  • Family Structure 
  • Emphasis on Scientific Method 
  • History (White/Western History) 
  • Protestant Work Ethic 
  • Religion 
  • Status, Power & Authority 
  • Future Orientation 
  • Time 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Holidays 
  • Justice 
  • Competition 

Rugged or not, I believe that the individual matters

It’s the essence of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

What exactly is the point of our existence if individualism doesn’t matter?

This helps make sense of reports that the leaders of Black Lives Matter are confessed Marxists; In Marxism, rather than E Pluribus Unum“Out of Many, One,” Marxists believe, “Out of Many, Many.”

The individual doesn’t matter.

This explains why Stalin and Mao each killed more of their own people than Hitler did of his.

It explains why the Soviet Army in WWII would have their men lock arms and walk across a mine field, with machine guns as an ‘incentive’ behind them, for the expediency of clearing the mines fields quickly.

Those individuals blown up by the mines were ‘expendable’. 

In terms of “Family Structure,” I understand the problem blacks have with this issue.

I understand that, before LBJ’s ‘Great Society,’ blacks had a relatively strong family structure.

The entitlement programs started under President Johnson in 1965 radically changed all that (yes, whites also received entitlements, but with the same effects).  

I also agree with the idea of a solid work ethic.

The assumption today is that a work ethic isn’t necessary.

I guess, as long as the cell phone is connected and the PS4 works, what’s the point?

But if everyone took that attitude, the many, and a lot of individuals, would get hungry in a pretty fast hurry. 


Uhm, Western Civ is not a mandatory subject at most universities anymore.

I guess that’s not good enough.

Will they be satisfied when we abolish any reference to the history of how this nation was created (probably not)?

I think we’ve done an admirable job of showing a willingness to consider other cultures and the histories of other peoples.

Ce la vie! 


Whites aren’t the only race that has religion though, amazingly, secular America seems to have largely declared a form of war on Christian religions today.

I suggested to a young person that, if they were born in the Middle East, they would probably be inclined to rebel against Islam.

The difference is that, over there, they might have their heads cut off for doing so. 

Future Orientation?

Whites tend to plan for the future and hope for a better tomorro

Well … YEAH!!

Who doesn’t?

If you’re telling me that blacks don’t have hope for a better future, I would say that fits with my sense of what underprivileged Americans of all colors really need, and need far more than entitlem

They need inspiration, with some perspiration (harkening back to that racist work ethic).

But, above all, someone needs to tell them that they, too, can succeed. 

I could go on, but this is getting a bit long already.

So I’ll cut to the chase. 

All the points I made above don’t matter.

They don’t matter because they’re based on that racist notion of “Objective, rational linear thinking.”

I guess it was racist of me to consider the ‘Whiteness’ poster from an objective perspective.

I just can’t help myself.

In fact, I’m not sure how to talk about the poster without getting all ‘rational’ on you. 

This explains a lot.

It explains how the media justifies blatant Leftist bias.

I look at the bias and say, “They’re not being objective

They look at my response and say, “Racist!”

It’s all subjective.

Everything is subjective

The truth doesn’t matter.

What really matters is how you feel right now.

Of course, it’s objective of me to say so (there I go again). 

I’ve pointed out before that, with the Left’s frequent attacks on America as a terrible and “systemically racist” nation, if the Founders – 55 white men, including slave owners – hadn’t created a nation based on liberty and the rights of the individual – we wouldn’t have an inclination to consider racial issues at all. 

If the Founders, flawed though they were, hadn’t created a nation based on liberty, there wouldn’t have been any impetus for an anti-slavery movement or a Civil War that decided the issue (yes, terrible as it is to suggest, if not for white men, we would, presumably still have black slaves in this country, if the nation existed at all).

There would have been no inclination to fight Jim Crow and Segregation.

We wouldn’t have seen Civil Rights laws, Affirmative Action or the election of blacks to public office.  

Major sport leagues would still be white.

Actors and actresses would still be white.

There would, truly, be little hope for blacks.

Well, there wouldn’t be much hope for whites either, unless they were among the true elite who wrote and enforced the ‘subjective’ rules. 

This also explains why the Left is tearing down statues and trying to destroy our history.

If our history was as bad as they say it is, they wouldn’t destroy it

They would hold it up and rub it in our faces every minute of every day.

But, while America is guilty of slavery, on the opposite side of the ledger, America also fought a war that killed 1 out of every 50 Americans (1 out of every 5 to wear a uniform).

But this is all terribly objective of me. 


There I go again. 


Critiquing “Whiteness” Museum Poster — 34 Comments

  1. Clearly a Marxist/Leftist propaganda tool designed to generate, instill and inflame hatred towards Whites.

    Something one would expect to hear from the mouth of BHO and his ilk, and probably
    funded by Soros.

  2. There is a war happening right before our very eyes.

    This is a Marxist takeover of our country.

  3. The Great Charlatan Lincoln is responsible for so much undermining of our Constitution.

    The Civil War was NOT fought primarily to end slavery and when Lincoln put forth a program for repatriation of blacks to Africa on the model instituted by President Monroe, the bankers eliminated him.

    Just like they took out Garfield a little later.

    Yet these machinations and assassinations cannot be explored.

  4. The scientific method trashed as ‘White’ …. what’s the alternative?

    Black witch doctors, Jewish psychiatric adepts telling us gender is fluid?

  5. This jewish inspired ideology of “white guilt” is implicitly genocidal.

    First of all, there is no path to absolution from white guilt.

    As long as non-whites are unequal to whites, whites will somehow be held guilty.

    And because inequality is natural, it will always exist.

    Second with eternal guilt and self-reproach—will fall prey to races without such handicaps.

    Black Pride.

    “Gay” Pride.

    Jew Pride.

    Native American Pride.

    Mexican Pride (La Raza!)

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Never White Pride, even though no other race has EVER done so much to raise up other races over its own people.

    Affirmative action is institutionalized anti-white racism and reverse discrimination.

    Woo to all the white boys in public schools … they are mentally abused each and every day in many subtle ways.

  6. Whoa to all of this anti-caucasian bullsh*t.

    It’s mind control for every low IQ dipshit that needs to be led as they are much to slow witted & blundering to think for themselves.

  7. We would hope that the Smithsonian has high standards and anything displayed there is thoroughly reviewed and then approved before showing it to the public.

    Something in their process failed.

  8. Who are the bankers that murdered Lincoln? 🤔

    Who are The Jews behind White Guilt? 🤔

  9. They were forced to apologize and remove it.

    It turns out that black people don’t like it when a bunch of Jews insult their religion, attack their family, and accuse them of being lazy…

    Most people could have seen that coming, but this sort of common man wisdom too often escapes PhD candidates of gender and ethnic studies from so-called “education” institutions.

  10. The slides/exhibit Richard mentioned were about Whites. 😑

    There’s no mention of Blacks.

    What Jews?

    It’s a Black Museum. 😑

  11. So the inverse of just about everything on that poster is to do and be what?…

    be lazy, take your time, quality dont matter, show up when you feel like it, dont even try if they’re keeping score, free stuff is owed to you by somebody else, language and communication doesnt matter,get high now, forget delayed gratification, god is government…

    Sounds like a wonderful way to live—that why folks still living in thatch huts in 3rd world countries, killing each other and scratching the earths dirt thinking food will grow, because they dont follow the basics of those rules on the poster.

    From my Cold Dead Hands.

  12. Not sure where the comments about Jews are coming from.

    The reality, as I mentioned in the post, is that the characteristics described in the display at the museum actually define people of all colors.

    Rather, the display is, in my opinion, an example of trying to push an intellectually vacuous concept, as though trying to push a rope up to the clouds.

    The display says little about ‘whiteness’ but speaks volumes about those who created and supported the display.

  13. I don’t know WTF you’re looking at Rostron, but the posters explicitly say “Whiteness” and “White Culture”
    in BOLD LARGE letters.

    Nothing about “people of all colors” as you stated above which leaves me and others to believe that
    you are nothing but another apologist for the Progressive Left.

    You will be remembered for that.

  14. Exactly true Richard.

    What sort of fantastically racist people say the things on this poster are solely attributable to “White People”.

    Then these racists go to the Smithsonian and those “intellectuals” confirm the institutionalized racism within our government by posting this vacuously stupid tripe as fact.

    Has no one in our government met a black, brown, yellow or red person who has Christian values?

    Family values?

    A work ethic?

    Studied science?

    We have promoted the stupidest most idiotic creatures to governmental positions.

    Perhaps it’s time The People took back their government from these brainless frauds.

    Maybe it’s already happening.

  15. Yes, I see the title words “White”and “Whiteness”. 🤔😵

  16. Rostron, you serious about the source of this swill?

    Wake up my boy.

  17. HonestAbe1

    “Nothing about “people of all colors” as you stated above which leaves me and others to believe that
    you are nothing but another apologist for the Progressive Left.”

    What are you smoking?

    I’m not an apologist for anyone.

    Try reading the article above again.

    You’ve missed something the first time through, if you did read it.

  18. “Correcting” “It turns out that black people don’t like it when a bunch of Jews insult their religion, attack their family, and accuse them of being lazy …”

    What the hell are you talking (writing) about?

  19. Most likely, Jews aren’t involved with the poster and museum, which is led by Blacks or African Anericans. 🤔😮

  20. Eddie, I don’t have any problem with Jews and I don’t believe they had anything to do with this – never remotely suggested as much.

    I also don’t have a problem with blacks who don’t try to push this kind of nonsense.

    But, we need to acknowledge that this kind of idiocy has a special place in the brain cells of white liberals who, in most cases, infected those blacks who are afflicted with this ‘victim’ disease.

    But, please, stop with the attacks on Jews.

    It’s wrong and unsavory.

  21. Richard, I’m really not questioning you on anything discussed here, including Jews. 😁

  22. Oh boy Never ever criticize crooked Jews like Franks, Pritzker, Schumer, Nadler, Otto Kerner, Schiff, ‘LTC’ vadiman, etc., etc.

  23. JPMatthews, Jack Franks ‘is’ crooked. His religion has nothing to do with it, though

    And there are certainly people of all faiths, and a lot without any religious faith, who have managed to achieve the ‘distinction’ of crooked.

  24. Interestingly, there hasn’t that many Jewish people in higher office. 🤔


    Governor JB Pitzker (2019-present)

    Congressperson Jan Schakowsky
    (D-9, 1999-present)

    Congressperson Brad Schneider
    (D-10, 2013-2015, 2017-present)


    Governor Henry (Levy) Horner (1933-1940)

    Governor Sam Shapiro (1967-1969)
    And previously, Lieutenant Governor (1960-1967)

    Illinois Treasurer James Donnewald (1983-1987)

    Congressperson Sidney Yates
    (D-9, 1949-1963 & 1965-1999)

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel


  25. If this poster was put up by just black people, but it was something that offended black people to the point that they demanded it be removed, then it is worth considering the possibility that the ideas on the poster are not totally original thinking from “black intellectuals” but perhaps the ideas are a little bit alien.

    It sounds like Richard does not understand where so much anti-white and revolutionary nonsense comes from — yet he thinks he’s got it all figured out!

    And now I have done research and found out that this did NOT come from a black person, which I already knew intuitively but now I have proof of.

    The NMAAHC got the “information” on this poster from something called “Some Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in the United States” which was written by Judith H Katz in 1990

    Katz has done lots “scholarly” work on “whiteness.”

    She is not African-American, and her last name is a common Jewish name.

    But that’s really besides the point, Richard, because if you’re not aware of Jewish intellectuals who are anti-white and leftist, just hang up this whole political hobby bro because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about or you’re a gatekeeper.

    So there you go, Richard.

    That’s “what the he**” I am talking about.

    And just to be clear, I am NOT saying all Jews are bad.

    I only have a problem with the anti-white and revolutionary ones.

    Maybe you should educate yourself on the Frankfurt School, “critical” studies, and Cultural Marxism, Richard.

    How does somebody like you effectively fight something that you’re either unaware of, do not understand, or refuse to call out?

    You seem to think it’s just about “the socialists hate our freedom!”

    These kinds of boomer talking points are shallow and they don’t paint a good picture of reality.

    I would argue they have been ineffective and perhaps counterproductive.

    They have been tried unsuccessfully for the past few decades — and they continue to lose ground and will continue to lose more ground.

    Your burgerboy ideology does not explain why some of the wealthiest capitalists and corporations are contributing to so-called radicals, and your burgerboy political party will never have an adequate explanation, because people like you are quintessential liberals who sheepdog the right-wing into thinking you just shoot some fireworks, grill some ribeyes, give corporations a tax cut, and start another war, and THAT is the paragon of what being an American patriot is.

    But the reality is that these people are wittingly or unwittingly controlled opposition.

    I have no use for people like Richard who want to bamboozle viewers of this blog with tone policing and argumentation which is always framed by leftists who, somehow, Richard thinks he is combating.

    If you want to know why the Overton Window is constantly shifting to the left and you are always losing, it’s because people on the left don’t limit themselves but people like Richard do it to the right.

    You conserve nothing.

    There is a saying about Republicans in America.

    Republicans are just progressives going the speed limit.

  26. Correcting,

    I’m not surprised, if your research is accurate, that this may have come from a white Leftist. Are you suggesting, however, that no one at the Museum noticed that it was on display until all the furor over the poster was kicked off? Are you suggesting that this kind of argument isn’t part of the Left’s ‘Narrative’? The significance of the poster isn’t what it says but that it says it outloud, so to speak. Someone at the museum screwed up; they told Americans what they and the Left are thinking.

    Much of what you’ve written is correct, though not exactly correct. For instance, Republicans are not “progressives going the speed limit”; conservatives are actually traditional liberals. We believe in individual liberty. That is an incredibly liberal notion. It doesn’t seem that way to people who are speeding past common sense while littering the landscape with socialist/Marxist notions that are already proven faulty.

    You say Republicans are ‘going the speed limit.’ Allow me to translate: Republicans believe in the rule of law. Republicans also believe in common sense or, as is appropriate in light of the museum’s poster, objectivity. As Leftists go by in a blur, objectivity is seen as an anchor that will stop them in their tracks. And they’re right. It will. It will bring them to a screaching halt, if they allow it, that will send them flying into the windshield of their political jallopy (they may wear seatbelts on the highways, but there are no safety measures taken in the pursuit of the Left’s agenda).

    What do you suggest that the Right do? How could ignoring objectivity, the way the Left does, help?

    Why do we have wealthy elitists? For the same reason that NAFTA and TPP were passed in the first place. Greedy, wealthy elitists, in both parties, and literally in both parties, saw these treaties as opportunities to get around the nuisance of middle-class wages. To get around the unions, as well. They were globalists for profit and America be damned. Somewhere along the road, they realized they could hide their greed in a utopian pursuit of ‘Globalism’ and they’re all in with the Left on this basis. But, if you scratch that shiny veneer, you’ll find the same greedy dirt-bags underneath.

    But getting back to the issue of the Left’s approach to objectivity, the issue really helps to explain why Leftists are tearing down statues. Why, in defense of BLM, would they want to tear down a statue of Frederick Douglass? That just doesn’t make sense … unless the goal is to destroy objective perspectives on history, America and reality. Without objectivity, anything is possible, or so they think.

    As for you comment, “… I am NOT saying all Jews are bad,” I’m sorry, but that doesn’t wipe the smell of anti-Semitism from your comments. When it comes to ‘Correcting,’ you can be as full of crap as you want, and you are. I respect your right to be a fool. It’s just a suggestion that you pull your head out of the dark and stanky place where it’s currently and firmly planted.

  27. It’s almost unbelievable that some or most (White) Jews are Anti-White, when most Jews in America are indeed White. 🤔

    Also almost unbelievable is that no Black manager or employee examined the poster, before displaying it.

    Surely, at the very least, someone could have chopped the title off with scissors or a paper cutter. 🤔

  28. Eddie, there’s nothing in this article about Jews.

    You’re making unqualified and irresponsible anti-semantic statements.

    It’s embarrassing.

    Please, stop.

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