Franks, via Northwest Herald, Floats Another Diversion from Springfield Sex Problem

Hanging out there for McHenry County Board Chairman is the Sangamon State’s Attorney’s consideration of the Illinois State Police investigation described thusly by the Chicago Sun-Times,

Illinois State Police justified the search because “probable cause exists for the crimes of

  • criminal sexual abuse,
  • criminal sexual assault,
  • official misconduct,
  • stalking and aggravated battery.”

Police requested personnel, human resources or other files “containing information related to allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by former Illinois State Representative Jack D. Franks.”

Publicity of Franks’ problem intensified in mid-April when Illinois Leaks pried out the Secretary of State’s Police’s a “Patrol Alert” stating in part

At the request of Illinois House of Representatives Chief of Staff Jessica Basham, former Illinois House of Representative Jack D. Franks is to be escorted by Capitol Police at all times in the event that he should come to the Capitol Complex. Chief of Staff Basham has indicated that Jack Franks has made inappropriate communications to members of the Illinois House of Representatives Staff Members and his communications are of such concern that it is requested he be escorted at all times.”

WTTW screen shot of Jack Franks.

Obviously, Franks has to throw enough manure into the air to cover up that problem.

Last week’s effort was to close the ICE floor at the County Jail.

Today’s is a re-run by the millionaire Chairman of the “County Board members are paid too much” argument.

Another NWH promotion of Jack Franks.

He and other Democrats, you see, want an advisory referendum on the subject.

Lacking that, he will have a County Board roll call so some organization like the Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund can send smear pieces out against Republicans who vote not to put such a referendum on the ballot.


Franks, via Northwest Herald, Floats Another Diversion from Springfield Sex Problem — 5 Comments

  1. Franks has hired Kenneally who is writing a 150 page paper on why Franks can’t be charged.

    “Justice,Justice Thou Shalt Pursue”

  2. I want to know why Keneally is fronting for all the criminals?

  3. Gary Puckett, you seem like an observant person, so I’ll give you a hint and then you can probably piece together the puzzle.

    Patrick Kenneally does not have a Democratic opponent in the general election.

  4. Yeah the ol baffle’em with BS!

    Maybe they won’t look at me!

    To bad them days are over !

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