LITH Police Report on Enhanced Enforcement

From the Lake in the Hills Police Department:

Lake in the Hills Police Department Releases Enforcement Results From Additional 10-Day Mobilization

From July 17th –27th, the Lake in the Hills Police Department conducted additional patrols to prevent deaths and reduce collisions on roadways due to speeding.

During this time, thirty-nine and a half hours of additional patrol enforcement were conducted.

Officers stopped sixty-nine vehicles for violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Among these violations,

-8-1 arrest was made for driving while license suspended,

-57 speeding citations were issued,

-4 seat belt citations were issued,

-8 uninsured motorists were cited, and

-1 driver was cited for disobeying a traffic control signal.

This mobilization was made possible by federal highway safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.


LITH Police Report on Enhanced Enforcement — 6 Comments

  1. “Enhanced Enforcement” ?
    More like an excuse for enhanced revenue collection – all in the name of safety, of course.

    And still the illegal aliens roam free.

  2. Memo from LITH Police Chief to his winged monkeys:

    Let’s make some $$$ off the tax slaves!

    Quotas must be meT despite COVID!

    Remember, set your radar guns and trackers UP 5mph.

    All expense paid trip for 10 day Caribbean cruise for 2019 TRAFFIC ticket champion, OFFICER KM will take place as soon as cruise ships resume sailings.

    BLM genuflection classes posted on OPERATIONS BOARD along with mandatory SENSITIVITY TRAINING, SPANISH LANGUAGE 101, DIVERSITY EXCELLENCE PROGRAM, 1619 Project, and Judge Mary Nadir’s Affirmative Action/white Privilege monitoring modules.

    All must sign up.

    No exceptions!

  3. This is a kind of a dumb time to be perceived to be harassing the citizens with proactive police contact with negative consequences.

    Pull them over and tell them how good they are driving, it worked in the 80s when the stuff was hitting the fan.

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