Serial Cigarette Thief in Harvard

Twice in the same week at the same Harvard house, a man stole a pack of cigarettes from the porch:


Serial Cigarette Thief in Harvard — 8 Comments

  1. “How could my stuff have gotten stolen while it was completely unprotected?”

    300 n blk N Dvision st, 51 yoa f in BOTH cases

    This is the same person, yeah?

    So this lady just doesn’t learn lessons or what?

    You live in a town with tons of addicts and gang members and you just leave your stuff around unguarded, and then after your stuff gets stolen you do the same exact thing?

    I don’t condone stealing, but it’s pretty hard for me to feel bad for this person.

  2. Maybe its time to quit smoking… then nothing to rob you .. of

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