Pot Arrest in Harvard

This time it was a Wisconsin man who had illegal possession of cannabis added to a slew of other charges during a speeding stop by the Harvard Police Department.


Pot Arrest in Harvard — 13 Comments

  1. 35 over limit
    no license
    no insurance
    unlawful weapon

    and the one Cal focuses on: “POT”


  2. It should be at least a $4,000 dollar bond.

    10% of $400 is meaningless.

    This explains a lot.

    Liberalism, as Rush says, truly is a mental disorder.

  3. 400 bucks to get out of county/local jail for the illegal possession of a loaded gun…seems ridiculously low on top of the other charges.

    This guy is a danger to the community, driving drunk, stoned, no insurance and a loaded gun ready to go.

    Who’s the weekend judge or assistant DA making up these bond amounts?

    Or does Kenneally issue a price’checklist” to work from so no one bugs his office on weekends?

    Sorry but this reads like a person who is a danger to the community and 400 bucks seems low.

    Drunk, Stoned and a loaded gun aint dangerous?

  4. Since they are all misdemeanors, he won’t be extradited back to Hellinois.

  5. As we continually limit our good officers as to what they can do.

    Then we allow persons like this to roam freely among us.

    Compare a seat belt violation at $165, it stung.

  6. god, this is what happens when you have someone as ignorant as pothead pritzker in power!!!!!!!!


  7. My Hat is off to the Harvard Police, to arrest a “drunk pot head with a loaded gun” this takes skill and proper handling …

    Good job guys

  8. No Kou, LITH cops are the worst PC cops.

    They publicly kneel to the BLM false idols.

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