Rep. Weber Conducting Blood Drive

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

Coronavirus has caused the cancellation of traditional walk-in blood drives and led to a blood shortage.

To address the shortage, I am partnering with the Village of Fox Lake and Vitalant to host a blood drive and food collection event on Tuesday, August 4.

To ensure the safety of blood donors in light of COVID-19, donors will need to sign-up for appointments in advance.

During the blood drive, donations of non-perishable food will also be collected to benefit the Grant Township Food Pantry.

I hope you will join us for this opportunity to support those in need.


Rep. Weber Conducting Blood Drive — 5 Comments

  1. Do NOT EVER give the vampires ANY of your blood! This is a sham! Plus they are wrapping into it the scam of antibody testing? Really? Do NOT trust any of these horrific evil entities!

  2. Cindy: you are right, but for different reasons.

    Our wondrous government does dna testing on more and more of donated blood, not just antibody testing for HIV, Covid, HCV, HAV, HBV, etc.

    That’s why they scan the drivers licenses at the collection sites!

  3. Cindy!!!
    You are SO correct!!! I cannot believe that these people are just FREELY taking away what keeps us alive. I don’t know what they’re using it for; studies? dna collection? cloning??? But no matter what it is, they are taking away our liberties RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!!!!!!

  4. I concur w/ JP. An immense DNA database is being constructed from blood donations. There was a big expose in California about this last December before the Covidhoax. Some investigative reporter physically tracked the collected blood in SF area, but he thought it was going to be resold for some shady profiteers…. rather shocking it went to a govt lab first to take a v small sample of the blood with the digital ID data per donation, and then returned to Red Cross.

    Story removed bc it would adversely affect much needed whole blood during Christmas holidays when donations plummeted. There’s always a cover story.

  5. Is he taking a siesta from stabbing Skillicorn in the back?

    Hew Webs, GO TO HELL!

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