County Libertarians Pass Ballot Access Test Regarding Reduced Number of Required Signatures and On-line Signing

Kelly Liebmann and Jim Young were talking to people in the 2013 at the McHenry County Fair Libertarian Party booth.

There were basically five challenges to petitions to Libertarian candidates Kelley Liebmann’s candidacy for Coroner and Jim Young’s for Auditor:

1 – They didn’t have enough signatures.

2 – People who signed Republican and Democratic Primary Election Petitions were ineligible to sign a third party’s petition.

3 – Voters in the Republican or Democratic Party primaries were ineligible signers.

4 – Having voted in the Republican Primary Election, neither Liebmann nor Young were eligible to run as Libertarians.

5- In Liebmann’s case, signing a Republican petition invalidated her ability to run as a Libertarian.

Monday, the McHenry County Election Board decided that the number of signatures set by a Federal Judge in a suit brought by Libertarians were enough.

On Monday, August 10th, the other questions were be addressed.

The paid claim 628 valid signatures with 589 being required.


County Libertarians Pass Ballot Access Test Regarding Reduced Number of Required Signatures and On-line Signing — 13 Comments

  1. I hope Kelly goes to Court because the ‘basis’ for slashing their candidacies is false and illegal as a real court will readily conclude.

  2. Points 2 and 3 are definitely going to get shot down.

    Does that waddling doofus Ken Shepro even read what the law is or does he just make things up and hope he can hoodwink people?

    Point two: the election handbook specifically says you are allowed to do that and Shepro is arguing you can’t.

    What a dummy.

    I hope GOP isn’t paying that moron and wasting money while Republicans are getting totally blown out on fundraising by Democrats.

    Republicans have bigger things to worry about like defeating Franks.

    If you don’t get rid of Franks this time, you might as well just pack it up and leave.

    He’ll gerrymander the districts and it won’t matter whether or not the LP is on the ballot — he’ll make sure Dems get a majority.

    And Buehler has TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS lol

    That mailer Franks sent out cost like 32 thousand dollars.

    Good job not primarying Kenneally either, this way Franks can operate with impunity!

    Good job not primarying Steve Reick, so that Brian Sager can flip that seat!

    Genius Republicans hard at work figuring out how to lose…

    Looking like total idiots.

    What is the newspaper going to say about you trying to kick people off the ballot so voters don’t even have a choice?

    I guess we’ll find out.

  3. We need to start infiltrating the Democratic Party with our own “DINO’s” how the dems have with their RINO’s.

    McGOP is dead.

    Time to really strategize on running conservative candidates as democrats do seats aren’t totally lost to radicals.

    Having a (D) next to your name is about to carry the same weight that having a (R) next to your name has held for decades in McHenry County.

  4. The GOP in McHenry Co. Is DOA.

    That’s a downgrade from MIA.

    There are a few decent Republicans…… like Wilcox and …. and,…… hmmmm I can’t think of any.

    Oh yes, Orville.

    Reick, Weber, Rezin, Kenneally, Prim, Tirio, McConchie: Go back to your worm holes!

  5. What type of qualifications do they have to run the positions they seek?

  6. People mostly vote Democratic or Republican. 🤔

    Historically, Libertarians, Greens, Independents and others have lost repeatedly. 😮

  7. Cognizant, Kelly has no qualifications, Likeable tho and would’ve done great on the county board.

    Young is a retired CPA who couldn’t win his MCC Trustee race and can’t hold a candle to Tough whistleblower Teresi , but he’s a nice enough guy.

  8. CPT-

    Unlike most Republics in the county Kelly is courageous enough to to take on/call out Jack Franks and Kelly actively helped Michael Walkup’s chair campaign in 2016.

    You may think she’s nuts for whatever reason but Kelly’s done more to help Republicans than creepy Rein ever will.

  9. @Bot Creepy Rein?

    That’s a laugh!

    How much did Jacko spend to get rid of Rein on the County Board because he was one of the few that stood up to Jacko!

  10. @Valeurs You are right about Wilcox and I would add that Weber, Tirio, Prim and McConchie are all good people and Republicans.

    I would add in Kearns, Thorsen, Barnes, Wheeler, Rein, Teresi and Skillikorn!

    Other then those people it is slim pickings in this County!

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