Harvard GOP Candidate Meet and Greet Wednesday, August 5th

From Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Beuhler:

The event is at Rush Creek Distilling, 1501 W. Diggins Street, Harvard, from 5;30 -7;30.


Harvard GOP Candidate Meet and Greet Wednesday, August 5th — 8 Comments

  1. Meet and greet? LOL.
    The same 250 people that mix at all these local political gathering will be there.
    If I were running for office, this would be the LAST place I’d spend my time.
    Regular citizens are struggling with grossly high taxes and overburdened by the constraints that governing bodies place on individuals. People are harmed by the very politicians who are supposed to help. Now they’re shutting down businesses and demanding ridiculous behavior that has no medical proof – just CDC “recommendations” that everyone sheepishly follow. Dolts.
    Why “GREET and MEET” the very politicos who are the problem?
    I guess guys like Rein “owe” the people who will be “meeting” him. He lost the election, some guy dies, and Rein is now the candidate for the fall simply because the party didn’t want the one independent, hard working, regular citizen.
    What a joke our system is. Small wonder our state and country are in trouble – and that’s despite having the hardest working populace in the history of the world.

  2. Not a clown show, just people who are too afraid to speak about what is REALLY going on and the deep racial aspect of White Dispossession.

  3. Sorry, I do laundry Wed. Nights.

    Plus I have 2 full time jobs to pay my property and other taxes.

  4. Good one, Kou!

    When these politicos start using the real problems and quit being so spineless, maybe I’ll go!

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