IL-14: The Silence of the Underwood

From U.S. Republican congressional candidate Jim Oberweis:

Jim Oberweis: A growing number of female Democratic leaders call on Mike Madigan to resign as Rep. Underwood remains silent

Sugar Grove, IL – While a growing number of Democrats are calling for Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation, Rep. Lauren Underwood continues to stay silent, which Jim Oberweis, candidate for Congress in the 14th District, says speaks volumes about Underwood.

Madigan is after all, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois and plays a central role in the election of Democrats throughout the state.

Just recently State Senator Heather Steans (D-Edgewater) joined other Democrat women legislators in calling for Madigan’s resignation.

“Some will argue that the Speaker is innocent until charges are filed and he’s proven guilty.

“But those are not the standards that should apply to his leadership role,” Steans stated in media reports.

In addition to Sen. Steans, in recent days, the following Democratic leaders have called on Madigan to resign:

“Serving as Speaker is not a right; it’s a privilege. A leader’s actions must avoid even the perception of wrongdoing. Speaker Madigan repeatedly has violated that trust.”

  • Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago)
  • Rep. Stefanie Kifowit (D-Oswego)
  • Sen. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago)
  • Rep. Terra Costa Howard (D-Glen Ellyn)
  • Sen. Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake)
  • Rep. Carol Ammons (D-Urbana)
  • Rep. Mary Edly-Allen (D-Libertyville)
  • Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston)
  • Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D-Glenview)
  • Rep. Lindsey LaPointe (D-Chicago)
  • Rep. Theresa Mah (D-Chicago)
  • Rep. Anna Moeller (D-Elgin)
  • Rep. Delia Ramirez (D-Chicago), and
  • Rep. Ann Williams (D-Chicago).
Loren Underwood

All the while, Underwood has remained conspicuously silent and has refused to distance herself from Madigan, as other women in her party have led the way against the Madigan culture of corruption.

Oberweis is questioning why Rep. Underwood is not joining her fellow Democrats in calling for Madigan’s resignation.

“There are a growing number of Democrat leaders in Illinois who have shown a willingness to put the good of the state above their political party by calling for Speaker Madigan to resign,” Oberweis said.

Jim Oberweis

“But Lauren Underwood continues to stay silent. Not only has she refused to call for Madigan’s resignation, but she also continues to align herself with organizations he controls to raise money for her campaign.”

The Lauren Underwood Victory Fund is a joint fundraising committee connected to the Democrat Party of Illinois, which is controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Oberweis is calling on Underwood to cut ties with the Speaker by ending her joint fundraising efforts with organizations he controls.

“The people of the 14th District deserve to know why Lauren Underwood continues to rely on a man who is under federal investigation to raise money for her campaign,” Oberweis said.

“Instead, all we get is silence.

“Enough is enough.

“It is time for Underwood to break her silence.”

Oberweis noted that Underwood’s silence should not come as a surprise given that she has not made any public statements on one of her former staffers, Hadiya Afzal, recently dropping out of her DuPage County Board race after tweeting a link to a video of police officers being attacked and remarking in the tweet she has “been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and laughing every single time.”

“Hadiya Afzal worked for Lauren Underwood and up until this incident was a rising star in the Democrat Party,” Oberweis said.

“The Democrat Party in DuPage County very quickly deleted their endorsement of Afzal on their website, and Afzal herself dropped out of the race

“But as usual Underwood refused to comment.

“Even when other people in her own party are distancing themselves from Afzal’s outrageous comments, Underwood continues to be silent.”


IL-14: The Silence of the Underwood — 37 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Underwood formally on “Good Times” yelling “DYN-O-MITE”!

  2. Oberweis never spoke out about George Homer Ryan’s corruption. 😮😭

    Is Oberweis Jewish? 😮

  3. God I’m so sick of all them, trying to pretend like they’re not the evil satanists that they are.
    rise up!!

  4. And you expected what from the FAKE NURSE ?
    Silence is violence, so sayeth the DEMOCRATS.

  5. How much money has she gotten from Madigan either directly or indirectly?

    That will speak for the silence.

  6. Are female Dem’s standing up and calling for Jack Franks to be removed?

  7. Commercials for Underwood are being played on television. I’m seeing digital ads too. How is Oberweis countering this? His quarterly numbers were terrible and somebody suggested to me that’s an indication that the nationwide GOP is writing that race off as unwinnable, which would make some sense given how long it took them to acknowledge him after his primary victory.

    Has Catalina Lauf ever mentioned his name? She says Underwood is bad, but has she ever mentioned who Underwood’s opponent is and tried to help him? Has she told her nationwide audience to give him money? Has she hooked Oberweis up with any interviews since she knows so many people in the media? What has she done for Jim? She endorsed him at a private fundraiser and neither of them even mentioned it on social media.

    You guys don’t have a clue what you’re doing or maybe you want to lose again. I say the same thing about the county board chairman race. Buehler needs more money. These GOPer doper donors could give money to all Joe Walsh’s loser candidates who had no chance in heck. Where are they now to flip a House seat back and get rid of Franks?

    Say all you want about Underwood, but unless people receive that message in some mass media which costs a lot of money — not a small blog — you are never going to defeat her.

  8. “Correcting”….you are out of touch, Catalina has repeatedly endorsed Oberweis as have the other candidates he bested in the primary. No, all Republicans don’t subscribe to everything Oberweis has said or done, but the vast, vast majority of conservatives and middle of the roaders know we must elect him and Jeanne Ives in November.

  9. Ms. Buckwheat does not do anything until her puppet master the Sea Hag tells her too…

  10. I think Stephen Pokorny has hit the nail on the head; Madigan has used his bribe money to spread influence. And that influence is kinda sticky. I suspect Underwood has ‘got some on her.’

    And, as Jim said, Catalina has firmly endorsed Oberweis.

    I saw Catalina at an event recently where she spoke in support of Underweis.

  11. Cal – Does Jim Oberweis’ campaign send you press releases to post on McHenry County Blog?

    If that’s the case I call on Jim Oberweis to denounce the racism generated by the MCB commentors in almost every single post related to Congresswoman Underwood.

    By now he or his staff must know that every time this blog publishes a post about Congresswoman Underwood, it generates racists responses in the comments.

    If Jim Oberweis continues to send PR to be published in the MCB, and the campaign uses the MCB to get out their campaign message, they should denounce the racism in the comments.

  12. @Oh – Some cheese to go with your whine ?

    Like all DEMOCRATS/Leftists/Progressives/Marxists/Commies you just can’t tolerate others
    1st. Amendment Rights.

    You will manufacture all manner of lies to to further your quest to abolish
    the whole of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights if you deem something to be “offensive” to your cause.

  13. I’m not talking about at a private event that wasn’t even advertised on their social media with a couple dozen GOP insiders that are voting for Oberweis anyway.

    I SPECIFICALLY said she endorsed him at the fundraiser but that Oberweis did not mention Lauf’s endorsement on HIS social media and that Lauf did not mention her endorsement of Obrweis on HER social media.

    Did I miss it

    Show me.

    Post the link FROM THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA — not the link to the McHenry County Blog article.

    When has Lauf EVER said on social media to vote for Oberweis, to donate to Oberweis, etc?

    Was it within the last few days?


    Show me!

    Do you boomers even understand the differenc

    Do you know how reach and influence work?

    Do you understand WHY it would be more helpful to get it on social media with Catalina’s 80 thousand or however many followers?

    It’s like you people don’t read.

  14. Abe – please explain this to me: “you just can’t tolerate others 1st. Amendment Rights.”

    I am not the government trying to jail anyone for their racists speech.

    You should take a primer in what the First Amendment does and does not do.

    Or google it…

    I criticized what a couple people posted and you think that means I want to abolish “the whole of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights” (sic).



    But…. you criticized what I posted.

    Since you criticized what I wrote….. does that mean…… that YOU want to abolish abolish “the whole of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights” (sic)?

    Also, as an aside, how does one “abolish the whole of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights”

  15. Oh on should give specific and quoted examples of what she refers to as racism that is occurring frequently. Are citizens allowed to criticize anybody who is in politics? Are persons in politics who are of a certain religion, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity given a free pass and criticism of them is frowned upon or not allowed by liberals and the radical left?

  16. Racist comments on this thread:

    Wasn’t Underwood formally on “Good Times” yelling “DYN-O-MITE”!
    Ms. Buckwheat does not do anything until her puppet master the Sea Hag tells her too…

    Keep demeaning her by making comments about her skin color. She will continue to keep winning elections.

  17. Hey OH, its not about her color, or even her deviant sexual preferences, it’s about her being a cultural Marxist.

    Yes, it’s that simple.

    She supports White Genocide.

    Do the soccer moms in CL know what’s in store for their boys when these monsters take complete power?

  18. Looked up Buckwheat and he was a male child actor. The lady’s hair looks like his. So what. How is that racist?

    What about Mitch McConnell being celled many things including the turtle?

    Seems like libs and Democrats yell racist, use the race card to make up for their gross shortcomings including picking the dufus dementia dope Joe Biden as their presidential candidate.

  19. When he was an aspiring hotel chef, Jesse Jackson spat in White customers’ soups and salads. 😠😵☠️😭

  20. Oh,

    You point out the one or two idiots in a group that you don’t agree with and focus on them.

    But then when it’s a group you do agree with (blm protesters) you ignore the idiots and focus on the message.

    That makes you a hypocrite in my opinion.

  21. She represents BLM, not me!

    When she’s finally jailed, I’ll giver some peanuts.

  22. I just can’t vote for a candidate that doesn’t regularly use toilet paper.

    Sorry, but I’m eccentric that way!

  23. who is voting for them ?

    Sanctuary City tell you anything?

  24. In a 86% White, Republican congressional district, how and why did a Democratic Black Woman, Lauren Underwood, win?😮🤔

    How is that win even possible, when most Whites are indifferent or prejudiced towards Blacks? 🤔😮

  25. Eddie, We have county clerks that don’t know how to have forensic software screenings or reviews.

    Tirio is as useless as McClellan who was as useless as Schultz!

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