Second Version of Appointed Coroner’s Job Description

Since it had been enough time for a revision of the job description for an appointed Coroner, I filed a Freedom of Information request with the Human Relations Department.

That seemed to be the logical place to find it.

But, no, HR had nothing and referred me to Administration, that is, the place McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks exerts the most influence.

Today, I received the work product, which is below.

You can compare it with the first iteration here.

Missing is the salary.


Second Version of Appointed Coroner’s Job Description — 9 Comments

  1. I thought the decision on whether or not the County Coroner remains an elected position has yet to be voted on?

  2. True. The County is just getting ready to move, if the abolition referendum passes.

  3. This is where there needs to be better laws, these people work for US and they need to be more transparent.

    They write these laws with self-helping loopholes that their lawyers help them with.

    We need laws with no loopholes unless they are beneficial to the tax payer.

    Don’t make me run for for Franks’ job, Government might not like MY transparency laws.

  4. Perhaps Chairman Franks could pass combining the Coroner’s Office with the States Attorney’s Office.

    Pat Kenneally knows as much about that as he’s versed in the Law.
    Not very much!

    Perhaps he could cheat Death the way he does the Law.

  5. Perhaps Chairman Franks will appoint his wife, brother, or Dad!

  6. Joe.

    Please do.

    You’re about the only one that’s been straight up and has some balls.

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