Tribune Obtains 17-Second Woodstock Police Video of Woman Being Pulled Out of SUV During Arrest

Andrea Nielsen is the woman who is seen on a Woodstock Police video being pulled out of a SUV by a McHenry County Sheirff’s Deputy when she would not come out voluntarily.

Tribune headline.
Andrea Nielsen

The Tribune put it this way:

[the] deputy put a burglary suspect in an apparent chokehold during an arrest, according to video footage captured by a Woodstock police officer’s body camera.

Woodstock sent the video of the June 17 arrest to the sh

She and three others were arrested for stealing for charges involving burglary, theft, possession of a controlled substance, criminal damage to property

The unnamed Deputy has been put on paid administrative leave and the State Police are investigating the incident.

Now comes the Chicago Tribune with an article explaining what the 17-second video shows.

It does not show the video, however.


Tribune Obtains 17-Second Woodstock Police Video of Woman Being Pulled Out of SUV During Arrest — 26 Comments

  1. Post the video, Trib.

    We don’t want to hear YOUR INTERPRETATION of the video.

    Show us the video!

  2. An officer arrested a criminal, good job.

    If you don’t want to be dragged out of the car by the cops, don’t commit crimes, pretty simple.

    What would you have the officer do?

    Let her go because she didn’t want to get out of the car.

    Would it be better if he just used a taser first, then you don’t have to worry about a choke hold?

    I’d like to hear how he is supposed to do his job.


    NO video but some descriptors if true, that will probably make her the next millionaire in McHenry County.

    Way to go MC Deputy.

    YOu gotta choke hold a woman who isnt resisting and then put her face to the ground?

    If as it reads is how it goes in court, at least in this present environment, this jail bird is soon to be rich, wont need to steal mowers, and you will be up on charges.

    Sad, bad guys and gals win in this environment.

  4. I’d have given her a full body massage via my boots and she looks like she could also have used a good wood based shampoo!

  5. She appears to be experiencing a bad hair day.

    Application of a good wooden shampoo would be of much benefit.

    Now if the “victim” were a POC the video would be playing nonstop on
    every media outlet nation wide.

  6. Who would care if a white low IQ tweaker got billy clubbed?

    The Rodney King treatment?

  7. Another one who does not understand the American language…

    I noticed lately commercials having to teach/show these D.A. how to listen to the popo when you get stopped OMG …

    the dumbing down of America has come to this…

    its getting to be like we are living in a 3rd world country and why do you think that is?

    Mr/Ms. Politician?

    3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count!

  8. I’ve had to instruct police on my arrest.

    Otherwise they were just going to shoot me indiscriminately.

    The idiots in this dumbed down America are also your law enforcement.

    They’re just citizens with a public service role.

  9. Patty O’Kenneally is on a food binge as he doesn’t know what to do.

    Will he lose voters if he prosecutes the Officers or the dirt balls?

    Pass the Doughnuts!

  10. They, like I, probably did not file a Freedom of Information request.

  11. Just another lost White soul consorting with black felons.

    No Pride.

    That what are schools preach.

  12. We need courses for all 8th graders and high school freshmen/freshwomen, sophomores, juniors and seniors on how to obey all laws and how to show respect to police officers when stopped or arrested.

  13. what i seen

    officer put hand across high on chest on her right bicep.

    it was to quick to tell different

    she could not breath from doing drugs

    media has made everything a choke hold

  14. Could someone PLEASE download the video and then upload it to YouTube or Bitchute? It’s subscriber protected.

  15. If you think the original riots are bad wait until Derrick Chauvin walks.

    He has been way over charged in light of the body cam video.

    The video shows that Mr Floyd was acting erratic and claiming he couldn’t breathe and was going to die way before he was on the ground.

    He was also resisting arrest.

    All of that goes against a second degree murder charge where they have to prove he intended to kill the victim.

    They should have charged him with manslaughter based on what is in the body cam. Had this footage been made public at the beginning, probably no riots because it’s obvious the situation is more complicated than a white cop who wants to kill a black man.

  16. How did the Investigative Reporters at the Northworst Herald miss out on this and in their own backdoor?

    The Editor must have missed this doing something worthless.

  17. Unfortunately, now she is going to die from an overdose on drugs she buys from the money she wins in a lawsuit.

    And the ridiculous laws handcuffing officers nowadays are going to stop people from wanting to join the force in the future.

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