Algonquin Trustees Elect Debby Sosine to be Acting President through April

John C. Schmitt
Debby Sosine

Sosine will have advantage of incumbency should she choose to run for president in April

Tonight, the Algonquin village trustees met for the first time since the passing of Village President John C. Schmitt.

President Schmitt, 72, passed away suddenly at Midwest Medical Center in Galena on July 25. The Jo Daviess County coroner has not released a cause of death, but it is not thought to be COVID-related.

After the opening of the meeting, the six trustees, without going to executive session, elected Trustee Debby Sosine acting president for the unexpired term of President Schmitt.

Sosine will maintain her position as trustee (but not being paid a salary as president and trustee). The six trustees, in order of seniority are:

  • Jim Steigert, first elected in 1999, ran unsuccessfully against Acting Village President Schmitt in 2005, also ran for president in 1997. Only trustee who participated in the acting village president election in 2003
  • John Spella, first elected in 2003, and son of Schmitt’s predecessor Salvatore “Ted” Spella who passed away in office in 2002. Also ran unsuccessfully against Schmitt in 2005
  • Jerry Glogowski, first elected in 2005
  • Debby Sosine, first elected in 2007
  • Laura Brehmer and Janis Jasper, both elected in 2017 and ousting two trustees, one a 6-termer the other a 3-termer

The outcome of the acting president vote was unanimous, with Trustee Jasper voting present.

Given there was no executive session, apart from the present vote, there was unanimity for Sosine’s appointment.

Since under the statute, the acting village president will continue as a trustee, there will be no appointment to the vacant position on the village board, and the board will operate with six voting members through the end of April.


Algonquin Trustees Elect Debby Sosine to be Acting President through April — 2 Comments

  1. The Schmitt regime of taxpayer terror looks like it will continue.

    All those stupid projects over the years.

    It’s really nice to dole out others’ money on hare-brained do gooderism.

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