Message of the Day – A Sign

Found at the corner Walkup and Woodstock Streets is this sign commemorating the life of former Mayor Aaron Shepley:

Remembering Mayor Aaron T. Shepley, 1963-2020.”

A story about Shepley’s public life is here.

= = = = =

Cause of death, according to the McHenry County Coroner:

-Cardiac arrhythmia

-Ischemic hear disease

Natural death.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 10 Comments

  1. I had this picture printed on rolls of toilet paper.

    Now I use this turds face to wipe my dirty ass.

    I’m currently working on a Kenneally roll but can’t fit his pumpkin sized head in the square.

  2. Good God STOP already! Go Away!

    its like the wor-shipping of a criminal George F….

    Enough already!

    Its DEAD!

    leave it alone…

  3. Cal–please remove the above post from Hoss, it’s disgusting and irrelevant.

  4. Shepley was indeed one of the local RINO elite who profited very handsomely from, as he would have said “my selfless work.”

    But I don’t think he enriched the community very well. >>>>just himself and his cronies.

    Personally I could never understand how he reasoned section eight housing and the importation of thugs from Chicago ever enhanced t CL’s quality of life.

    I know it’s perhaps unseemly talking about a dead man and not joining in the libtard panegyrics, but I told this to his face on at least 4 prior occasions….

    I never had much to do with him until he joined Tryon in badmouthing/undermining conservative people like Jack Roser, Cal, Evertsen, Orville, Gasser and Franklin.

  5. Jim, sorry nobody’s sugar coating the Shepley Reign of RINO terror.

    BTW if the city losers erect a monument or statue to honor Shepley, I might see fit to join a crowd in ripping it down!

  6. LOL

    Jim, it’s really no more disgusting than idolizing a public official who didn’t do anything for his constituents and worked in self interest.

    So someone feels strongly.

    Let them vent.

    Could be the guy (s) Shelley got kicked off the ballot to run for Mayor against him.

  7. Shepley was a bottle necked dirt bag.

    It took twenty plus years but Crystal Lake is now finally free of this piece of garbage.

  8. I only had contact with ExMayor Shepley on the train.

    He was always swearing and making fun of people.

    Did he run a hospital or something?

    He was always trashing doctors and patients.

    Some of his stories were quite funny.

    But my takeaway was that I disliked him, an arrogant, jaded jerk who was full of himself.

    5 years of train rides, not everyday, but a few times a month.

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