Republican and Libertarian Candidates for U.S. Senator Support Keeping Corruption-Fighting U.S. Attorney, Democrats Durban, Duckworth Silent

Friday, the Chicago Tribune editorial focused on what happens to U.S. Attorney John Lausch after the next President is elected.

There is little question if Donald Trump is re-elected, but there is if Joe Biden takes office.

Biden was supported by all the Establishment Democrats but Jack Franks.

Republican candidate Mark Curran, former Lake County Sheriff, supports keeping Lausch:

Mark Curran

“I agree with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on this! If elected as US Senator to represent this state of IL hardworking taxpayers, (who have seen their tax money used in the millions paying for political corruption,) I’m telling all of you this right now, you have my promise I would never blockade any efforts of our US Attorney of IL’s Northern District John Lausch as he probes corruption in this state.

“He is behind all the raids on corrupticrats in Springfield and Crook County.

“Sen. Dick Durbin has said NOTHING about his buddy ‘the man’ and the Democrat party leader Michael Madigan raided and implicated in federal investigations of racketeering.”

Libertarian Party candidate Danny Malouf release the following statement of support:

Danny Malouf

“As a third party candidate who recognizes that corruption is naturally rooted in big government systems, I fully support US Attorney John Lausch’s work in exposing political and criminal crimes, especially of career politicians who have taken advantage of their positions of power.

“The people want liberty and justice for all, and this includes the political elite class who tend to operate on a different set of rules and values.

“These authoritarian problems require libertarian solutions – meaning smaller government and less power and control for the ruling elite.”


Republican and Libertarian Candidates for U.S. Senator Support Keeping Corruption-Fighting U.S. Attorney, Democrats Durban, Duckworth Silent — 12 Comments

  1. Dirtbag Durbin did the same thing with Vydrolyak, Jesse Jackson, Jr.

    And all the other democrat crooks.

    Durbin did let slip Mark Kirk’s closet homosexuality once.

    But that was it.

  2. Ed Vrydolyak’s political career ended in 1987, once Chicago Mayor Harold Washington gained control of city council, via certain ward remaps which decreased Vrydolyak’s followers. 🤤

    That year, Vrydolyak’s political career effectively ended, with him losing the mayor’s race to Washington, becoming a Republican and losing in 1988 to Democratic Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Candidate Aurelia Pucinski. 😊

    Dick Durbin was a Downstate US Congressperson in 1987, who became US Senator in 1997. Thus, Durbin had nothing to do with Vrydolyak. 😁

  3. Looking forward to US Attorney John Durham’s report BEFORE the Nov elections regarding the spying on the 2016 Trump campaign by elements of the Obama/Biden regime and their later efforts to sabotage the Trump Administration. Illinois corruption is minuscule compared to that of the previous presidential administration.

  4. Durbin forever a piece of garbage for how he once referred to our US Troops. He is a Democrat. Never trust no Democrat nor vote for them. All garbage as exemplified by their top people, Pelosi and Schumer. Scum. And now this incredibly incompetent political party offers Joe Biden for presidency. A guy with zero accomplishments and dementia and part of the 8-year Obama/Biden regime, the most corrupt and incompetent administration ever in the history of the US.

  5. Bred, don’t forget Java the Hutt Nadler. Or the vermin called Schiff.

  6. The Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Chad Koppie, was removed from the ballot on August 3rd (along with the presidential and vice presidential candidates of that party, presumably because they ran on a slate) according to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

    An objection is pending on Willie Wilson who is running as a “Willie Wilson Party” candidate.

    David Black of the Green Party and Danny Malouf of the Libertarian Party are guaranteed spots on the ballot along with
    Richard “Dick” Durbin (D) and Mark Curran (R).

    Wilson is the wildcard here, assuming he makes it past the objection

    First, Wilson is African-American.

    Second, Wilson has name recognition and enough money to run ads and put out yard signs (which I have already seen).

    Third, Wilson is an outspoken supporter of reparations which could force Durbin to take a stand on the issue one way or the other.

    This could get interesting…

  7. Chad Koppie has been removed several times. He’s 82.

    It’s too late to start a US Senate career now. 😐

  8. According to the Our Campaigns website:

    Chad Koppie lost the following US Senate races:

    1992 – Conservative Party
    Nobody could defeat Carol Moseley Braun then. It was the year of the woman. US Senator Alan Dixon supported Clarence Thomas, over Anita Hill, and lost big time!

    1996 – Taxpayer Party
    Nobody could Richard Durbin. ,

    2008 – Green Party Nomination
    Defeated by Kathy Cummings. ,

    2008 – Constitution Party
    Repeat loss to Durbin. ,

    2014 – Republican Party Nomination
    Failed to make ballot – Ballotpedia

    2014 – Constitution Party
    Did NOT file in time, NOT on ballot – Ballotpedia
    Durbin won again.

    2016 – Constitution Party
    Write In Candidate (?) – Ballotpedia
    Nobody could defeat Tammy Duckworth.

    Governor of Illinois
    1998 – Republican Party Nomination
    Nobody could defeat George Homer Ryan.

    Lieutenant Governor
    2018 – Construction Party

  9. In the past, Willie Wilson lost races for Chicago Mayor (2015 & 2019) and withdrew from US President (2016).😑

    He isn’t a coalition builder, like Barack Obama, Carol Moseley Braun (1992) and Harold Washington (1983 & 1987). In other words, he isn’t attracting White, LatinX, Asian and LGBTQ voters. 😑

    Willie’s other minuses include a bland, dry personality; not charismatic and not articulate. He’s Pro-Choice and Pro-LGBT. 😑

    He isn’t a Democrat per se. Having had 3 Black US Senators for Illinois, Blacks aren’t clamoring for another. Instead, Blacks want Trump gone. 😮

  10. Aye Duckworth isn’t going to be VP, Cal and company, because was caught up selling cocaine with her uncle the late 1980’s.
    It got reversed on a technicality, but she sounds guilty as hell.

    Amazing how I hear about this crap on the depths of the internet and never once from the media…

  11. Tammy would say “I’ve turned my life around”. 😁

    She couldn’t succeed Biden, because she isn’t a naturalized citizen, being born in Thailand. 😐

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