Graffiti Appears on Algonquin Road Retaining Wall East of Route 31

Here’s what 38,100 motorists a day see on Algonquin Road:

Algonquin Road graffiti.


Graffiti Appears on Algonquin Road Retaining Wall East of Route 31 — 15 Comments

  1. I am sorry to say, its only the beginning as our county comes under attack.

  2. Section 8’ers bring their STDs, low IQs, criminality, antiWhite hate, parasitism right to your front door.

    This just the beginning. Hope you don’t have teen or preteen daughters.

  3. The first letter “C” and the symbol that follows and it being in Blue could mean a Crips gang message, part of Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation stuff.

    Have to ask LEO, they usually can interpret these, its usually an announcement of “we’re here”…wouldnt surprise me, everybody else is coming up here.

    Or its just suburban wanna be gibberish.

  4. It’s probably suburban wannabe stuff.

    Most of these kids would crap thier pants if they were left on the south side.

    There are a few area in Carpentersville though that are just like the south side.

    One particular apartment complex, you will see the cops hanging out all night right by the only entrance.

    They have actually barricaded the back entrance for this reason.

    Most of the residents there are transplants from when Chicago shut down the projects.

    I’d sure as hell never send my kids to Dundee Crown high school for this reason.

  5. Dundee Crown had a little scandal (when schools were open) — white girls were fondled by apes ( who kept score in a kind of sweepstakes) some girls complained —- nothing was done by the ‘authorities’.

    The white girls soon moved in packs for protection.

  6. Where was Bob Anderson when this went up.

    Sounds like something he could do.

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