Transplanted Conservative Fundraiser Features Amy Jacobson, Jeanne Ives, Darren Bailey & Willie Wilson

The Abby in Wisconsin.

Freedom Fighters were featured at the One Nation Under God fundraiser at the Abby in Fontana, Wisconsin, last night.

View of the Chicago skyline at sunset while on the 2016 Family PAC Cruise.

Traditionally, the event for it and its predecessor beneficiary, Family PAC, has been held on a boat that cruises on Lake Michigan and/or the Chicago River.

Paul Caprio

This year, organizer Paul Caprio decided it would be more appropriate to have tables on the Abby’s Lake Geneva waterfront lawn that standing chock-a-block on the decks of a boat.

His line-up of featured speakers consisted of

WIND Radio Talk Show Host Amy Jacobson, 6th District Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives, State Rep. Darren Bailey and U.S. Senate candidate Willie Wilson.

Jacobson spoke first.

She told of being banned from Governor JB Pritzker’s press conferences because she spoke at a rally.

Having been a reporter for thirty years with most time spent in Chicago, she was disappointed (the mildest word I can think of) at her colleagues lack of support.

Amy Jacobson

No one who criticized her had heard or listened to her speech, which she said consisted of criticism of prohibiting people from using Lake Michigan’s bike path and other what seemed to me logical criticisms of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s and Governor JB Pritzker’s ham-handed coronavirus restrictions.

So, with the support of her Salem network, she sued.

The case was so strong that Attorney General Kwame Raoul capitulated.

And, what was Pritzker’s motivation?

Jacobson was the only reporter asking tough questions.

Think of the stories about Pritzker’s family being at their Florida horse farm.

And, then his having the audacity to claim that his family had the right to go to their Wisconsin farm because they were “essential workers” tending to the animals.

Utter nonsense that anyone could understand.

What a politician hates most is ridicule, so Prizker’s attempt to rid himself of irritant Jacobson is perfectly understandable.

The First Amendment be damned.

Most poignant was Jacobson’s expression of almost dismay that other reporters did not stand up for her.

She said that their motivation was to keep access to the Governor.

That’s why other reporters generally just parrot (my word, not hers) what the message of the day is.

Jeanne Ives

Second at the dias was former State Rep. and GOP gubernatorial candidate against incumbent Bruce Rauner, Jeanne Ives.

She is now the Republican candidate for Congress against left wing Sean Casten, who is in his first term.

Democrat Casten beat Peter Roskam.

She spoke on Freedom from Fear, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt made famous in his 1933 Inaugural Address.

Ives, a West Point graduate, pointed out that we have the strongest Armed Forces in the world to protect us, state militias called National Guards now, local police and, if all else fails, the ability to defend ourselves thanks to the Second Amendment.

Darrne Bailey

The third speaker was State Rep. Darren Bailey of Lewisville in Clay County.

A farmer elected in 2018, he is now running for Dale Richters seat in the State Senate.

He is best known for filing the lawsuit that resulted in the attempted extension of Governor Pritzker’s Covid-19 Executive Order being ruled unlawful.

This is his second appearance in the Northland, having attended Kathy and Al Salvi’s Mundelein fundraiser for congressional candidates Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis last weekend.

Putting his career into a religious context, Bailey told of not knowing what God had in mind for him when he announced for State Representative in Lewisville, but he was ready to go wherever that led.

He urged people to get involved by running for school board and other local offices and being a Precinct Committeeperson.

= = = = =

More coming.


Transplanted Conservative Fundraiser Features Amy Jacobson, Jeanne Ives, Darren Bailey & Willie Wilson — 8 Comments

  1. Thank You Amy for asking a “real” question of the Governor.

    Shame on the likes of Mariann Ahern who did a lot of the question reading from reporters to the Governor at those Press Conferences, for not asking about a colleague being banned.

    You gave yourself and the other local yokel media pukes away—in bed with all things; Left, Dem, Pritzker, Lightfoot, and Madigan.

    Money and Power is their truth…they cashed out once out of J School.

  2. Other “so-called” reporters did not stand up for Amy Jacobson. Most of them perhaps are highly and lefty biased just as is most of the Chicago area media.

  3. Jacobson used Alinsky’s mocking tactics on Fatso.

    And he got butt hurt over it. Boo hoo!

  4. Does Darren Bailey want to be governor?

    Much of Illinois isn’t rural like his district.

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