McHenry County College Getting $15.8 Million for Career, Technical and Manufacturing Center

From the Pritzker Administration:

Gov. Pritzker Announces $103.5 Million for Infrastructure Improvements at 15 Community Colleges

Projects Funded by the Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan Will Boost Local Economies Across Illinois

SPRINGFIELD – Governor JB Pritzker announced today 15 Illinois community colleges will receive more than $103.5 million to expand existing facilities and construct new buildings, among other projects. The investments are made possible by the Governor’s historic, bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital plan, the most robust capital plan in Illinois history and the first in nearly a decade.

“Community colleges are vital hubs that provide advanced and continuing education, career and technical training, distance learning and workforce development,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the economy of every state in the nation, it is more critical than ever that we continue to invest in the state’s educational institutions so they can continue to provide resources that advance livelihoods and spur the economy. The return on this investment of over $100 million will be far greater, as these institutions provide close-to-home educational opportunities and the promise of a better future for Illinoisans throughout the state.”

Drawing of new MCC building.

In addition to $103.5 million in State funding, the 15 community colleges will receive an additional $34.5 million in local investments, bringing the total commitment to these projects to $138 million. Projects at the colleges include entirely new and expanded training facilities, classroom and laboratory renovations, new utilities, and repaving of streets and parking lots.

The Pritzker administration is emphasizing repairing and replacing the state’s infrastructure in addition to expanding existing facilities which have been left in disrepair for far too long. The historic Rebuild Illinois capital plan passed with bipartisan supermajorities and will invest $45 billion in roads, bridges, railways, universities, early childhood centers and state facilities over the next six years, creating and supporting an estimated 540,000 jobs over the life of the plan and revitalizing local economies across the state.

McHenry County College in Crystal Lake/McHenry County is receiving $15.8 million for a new 52,000 square foot career, technical and manufacturing center.


McHenry County College Getting $15.8 Million for Career, Technical and Manufacturing Center — 23 Comments

  1. So, if schools keep getting closed and there is no re-opening of them in sight..

    Why invest into the community colleges?

    To create another generation of student loan debt?

  2. Great. More money being dumped into useless schools to produce a bunch of useless idiots who think that they are worth something because of their useless education.

    They can be out protesting with the other useless idiots like our resident communist school teachers when they are out of work because they lack any real skills.

  3. Depends on what they do with the money if you ask me.

    If it’s being used for career training and technical skills or trades that’s probably a good thing.

    More useless degrees that people don’t really need is a waste.

    One of the biggest lies being pushed is that everyone needs to get a college degree.

  4. Is this facility needed?

    I don’t know one way or the other.

    What I can say is that I hope that MCC works closely with local businesses to offer students the opportunity to learn skills that result directly in good-paying jobs.

    Some colleges do and really serve their students.

    Some don’t and students waste time taking classes that lead nowhere.

    In either case, $15.8 million divided by 52,000 square feet equals $304 per square foot, or close to three times what any business would pay for commercial space.

  5. In 1993 We refinanced our house and with the cash out I bought a house in a college town so my kid could live off campus. My oldest and 5 other students moved in the fall of ’93. the oldest graduated and another one of my kids moved in with 5 students as well. The house with the renters and the IRS deductions paid for 3 kids education. And by the way, I wasn’t a rich guy, probably making 40k a year.
    Leading up to the purchase of the property I paid my bills stayed within my purchasing power and didn’t buy anything that I couldn’t afford. I had an agenda for my kids, I wanted them to graduate from a 4 year college, I didn’t, and get a job and start a life of their own.
    Why am I telling you this, some of the same parents who say they can’t afford to send their kid(s) to college are being duped into purchasing a truck, car and other superficial things that decrease in value and don’t realize the consequence of that action. If you have kids they cost money and college and weddings are typically the most expensive. Planning for those events takes discipline not buying that new $40k car or a 50k truck works wonders when saving for college/wedding expenses.
    We sacrificed the present for the future for our kids. It worked all three kids graduated with honors got really good jobs, got married had kids AND, AND are saving for their kids college education.
    Now, some people can’t afford to pay or finance a 2 or 4 year college education, I get that, but think about your kids before you step on the car lot to buy that shinny new truck or go thru the doors at Buys Buy, get greeted by a person in the blue polo, and purchase a new 75″ Samsung TV.
    Finally, I did make a mistake when I sold house I bought a boat, AKA know as a hole in the water you throw money in. We spent thousands of dollars just sitting at the dock. Sold it after 15 yrs and never looked back.
    Pretty boring life now, no fancy car and no boat plus the COVID thing, but my kids aren’t in the basement on the couch affixed to the TV with a game controller in their hands. For that I’m eternally grateful for the decisions we made years ago.
    “Save now or pay later” or “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Think about it.

  6. I agree with gasenvy, but also don’t believe that the majority are going to benefit from college outside of certain exceptions now.

    Many kids today are in massive debt from college and STILL living in a parent’s basement.

    But the most important thing seems to be that you did your job as parents and taught your children to be accountable, responsible, and got them out the door to begin to become independent adults.

    And a lot of that had to do more with leading by example than anything else.

  7. By the way. I live a pretty simple life as well.

    I made decent money but don’t show it off.

    No debt.

    Drive an older car, etc.

    Plan to “retire” early.

    I did go to college but paid for it in cash while also working full time.

  8. MFG.. really?

    you need to get these companies back here first !

    take back from China!

    before you piss away all of these $$, won’t help anyone except give them the skills to move on out of State… doh!…

    why on gods green earth would mr. franks and beans be giving away all this $$ on colleges when Remote is in place if you got that much $$ and still in-debt then you NEED TO REFUND THE TAX PAYERS !

    we don’t need to up grade BRICK AND MORTER ANYMORE!

    Nor pay all these teachers as not needed….

    WTH is wrong with people…

    spend spend spend is all they think of!…

    no wonder everyone is leaving!

  9. I just love all the morons out here who seem to be against education.

    Talk about massive college debt being bad and JuCo is one of the ways to avoid that.

    “Filled with people that can’t read or write”?

    Really, that is why they are there(Lee Preston).

    The dumbing down of America really seems to be centered in the morons that post here.

    Some Guy, why is their college education any more useless that yours?

  10. Stephen,

    Next time when I see the brain-dead, drooling, purple-haired graduates of today, begging for free college or student loan forgiveness, I’ll think of you.

    Until then, I’ll consider promoting the things that people did correctly instead.

  11. Besides, you make your money off of exploiting the livelihood of others.

    I don’t need to answer to you, evil man.

  12. You are a moron.

    How do I exploit others you POS.

    Your education seems to have failed you big time.

    Asking for forgiveness has nothing to do with the opportunity for education.

    You obviously do not understand logic and bitch like one of those whiny Liberals.

    Maybe you should take a class at MCC.

    Yes I am the devil incarnate.

    evil to the bone

  13. Some Guy you are also a coward.

    You hide behind your screen name.

    Obviously you just have a big mouth and no integrity.


  14. Seems I’ve struck a nerve.

    Never hire a lawyer who can’t keep his cool.

  15. I wonder how much the building would cost if MCC didn’t have to pay the laughably misnamed prevailing wage.

  16. Billy Bob said: “I wonder how much the building would cost if MCC didn’t have to pay the laughably misnamed prevailing wage.”

    You forgot the part about the high probability that it it also has to be built by a large number of women or minority-owned companies.

    Legal discrimination at higher costs.

  17. Poo-korny, do you work at MCC?

    Are you related to Jussie Smollett?

  18. Didn’t this college have a statement for few days on their web site that they supported a fraudulent movement sponsored by a group founded by marxists who want the overthrow of the US government?

    They took that down.

    Who approved that message and are they still in charge of that school?

  19. “Poo-korny, do you work at MCC?”

    WoW, intelligent discord from a racist moron.

    No I don’t work at MCC.

    Some Guy, I’m not a lawyer and you are still a coward.

    Learn to research.

    Maybe go back to college your degree seems to have failed you.

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