McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 1

Candy and literature at the entrance of the gathering.

Republicans gathered Wednesday evening at Harvard’s Rush Creek Distillery.

Rush Creek Distillery Republican gathering.

There was lots of networking and catching up.

Rush Creek Distillery GOP event.

When candidates began speaking, a theme quickly appeared.

GOP Chairman Tyler Wilke, Judge David Gervais and businessman Jeff Schwartz.
Mike Beuhler

Virtually all of the candidates urged those attending to encourage the friends and neighbors to vote by mail.

Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler explained how one his first jobs at the industrial scale company for which he worked was with Harvard Ready Mix.

He chastised incumbent Jack Franks, much to the delight of the crowd, even bringing up Franks’ inability to enter the State Capitol where he served eighteen years with a Police escort.

Voting early or by mail will be necessary to beat the Democrats, he said.

This comes less than a week after McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio mailed out absentee ballot applications to every voter in sight.

The real news of the night came from 14th District Republican candidate Jim Oberweis.

He reported on a National Republican Committee poll’s generic poll results.

They favor an unnamed Republican congressional candidate 51%-43% in the district.

Jim Oberweis

He pointed out that a West Coast study last year showed opponent Loren Underwood as the most extreme Democrat in Congress.

Since then she has moderated her voting record, but “This year she has a virtual 100% voting record with Nancy Pelosi.”

Breaking down the generic poll shows a Republican majority in every 14th District county but DuPage.

“The strongest R+ was McHenry,” he continued.

“This election is going to be about turnout.

“Encourage your neighbors to send in mailed ballots.”

= = = = =

More tomorrow.


McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 1 — 37 Comments

  1. Why vote by mail?

    Bee Ess!

    Gotta beat the McHenry County Czar!

  2. What am I missing?

    Why in the world are they encouraging vote by mail vs voting in person at the polls?

  3. Same old tired people. Nobody under 40.

    They fell into the cheat by mail trap.

    Do these people have any clue.

    Tirio must have a death wish!

  4. I always get a kick outa the 400 lb guy running the McHenry Township GOP.

    Don’t get in his way when the dinner bell rings.

    I maintain that one should be suspicious of fat people in all endeavours, and should not trust them until good character is exhibited.

    Any person who can unashamedly and flagrantly advertise their lack of self control to the world by being fat is likely to be similarly unashamed about breaking promises, not fulfilling expectations, and indeed being corrupt.

    Pritzker is another example. As us Franks.

    Chris Christie is another one.

    Now he may be the example of the good character. He came out for Trump early, after his own campaign foundered.

    But he put Kushner’s daddy in jail for double dealing, and Kush made sur Christie got the pink slip pronto!

  5. All this hysteria as to why we must vote by mail is very, very suspicious.

    Don’t these Republican lunatics understand the vote harvesters will eat them alive?!!!

  6. I was at an event with some of the same speakers about a month ago.

    The thinking on mail in ballots is concern there may be some sort of disruption on or around election day.

    Since traditionally democrats tend to vote by mail more, that would give them an advantage.

  7. What a joke. The same 200 lame Republicans gather to support each other.

    What do they decide?

    To SUPPORT mail in voting – one of the main issues supported by the national democrat party.

    Are they morons?

    Have they seen the data on the fraud?

    They’re actually promoting their own destruction.

    Mail in voting is a front for Daley style voter fraud.

    If the local Republican yahoos who dine at the distillery in Harvard don’t get that, its Bidenesque in its cluelessness.

  8. Love all the social distancing and face masks!

    Now we know where to look after our next outbreak in McHenry county!

  9. Am I missing something, only 1 intelligent person in the room! (that I can see).

    Please lead by example.

  10. It must be horrible to go through life with worrying constantly about what others are doing, thinking they are going to kill you by not wearing a mask.

    The evidence that cloth masks do anything doesn’t exist.

    Also people in the US are wearing masks at rates greater than Canada, UK, and northern Europe.

    So even if masks do help, most people are already using them and any mandate will have little additional effect.

  11. It should be noted that the two biggest of the unions that represent postal employees,
    the APWU and NALC, have endorsed hiden’ Joe Biden.

    That in and of itself is reason enough to NOT vote by mail.

    These so called “Republicans” are not to be trusted – DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL.

  12. Even without factoring in unions, I just don’t trust the post office.

    They seem to lose mail regardless of what it is.

    When I lived in Cary I just stopped getting everything except junk mail.

    I had to eventually call a postal inspector in Milwaukee and out of nowhere a week later, the past month of mail showed up.

    There is a reason FedEx exists.

  13. Looks like a covid party with out masks being worn, no social distancing.

    Sets a really bad example with rising cases.

    Planning on voting in person.

    We are both registered Republicans.

    Hope there are no cases.

  14. “The courtiers might bid defiance to contagion. The external world could take care of itself. In the meantime it was folly to grieve, or to think.”
    ― Edgar Allan Poe, The Masque of the Red Death

  15. Quotes from the article below:

    COVID-19 Cases Rising in Lake and McHenry Counties

    All residents are urged to follow the 3 Ws every day:
     Wear a mask
     Wash your hands
     Watch your distance

    This is what you call “leadership” ?

  16. The vote by mail process as exists is not to be trusted. There does not seem to be anyone of stature or standing willing to make an issue about it in the United States AND propose an alternative safe and reliable process and system. Time is running out.

  17. Apparently all of the people at the bar in Harvard think that the China Virus is a hoax.

  18. NO, you can be part of the voter Fraud I see coming…

    or help fix it now.. ?

    what is wrong with you all just sheep?!

  19. Hey guys.

    As if we haven’t heard enough crybabies about lack of mask compliance.

    There is no law that enforces masks.

    Think for yourself.

    If you want to wear it, then wear it.

    If you don’t, then decide for yourself.

    We don’t need to hear you whine and cry about it.

    Nobody cares!

  20. In extraordinary times, ‘vote-by-mail’ is the Left flank where we need to defeat the enemies of liberty

    It’s not surprising to see people commenting here in opposition to ‘voting by mail.’

    There are legitimate reasons to cast wary eyes at the vote-by-mail concept.

    And this isn’t the customary position taken by Republicans.

    No wonder people above are asking, “What am I missing?”

    I think we can agree these are not normal days.

    We have pandemic panic (richly on display with some of the comments above) and riots disguised by the Leftist media as ‘peaceful protests’ no matter how many fires burn in the background as they ‘report.’

    The concern that is driving Republicans to promote ‘vote by mail’ is a derivative of distrust.

    It’s that simple; they don’t trust Gov. Pritzker to do the right thing.

    They’re not confident that Pritzker won’t pull a Nov. 3, 2020, surprise:

    “With COVID, it’s just too dangerous to have all these people violating social distancing. Son of a gun, we’re just going to have to close the polls.”

    Of course, that’s a crazy idea.

    He wouldn’t really do that.

    He couldn’t really do that.

    Did you hear the Left wants to eliminate the Electoral College, guarantee everyone a job or a living wage, eliminate the need for accused criminals to pay a bail before they’re released, pass a $93-trillion New Green Deal?

    Yes, it sounds crazy to suggest that Pritzker would shut the polls at the 11th hour.

    Crazier things have happened.

  21. What a disgrace.

    None of these people care about schools closing down.

    Not a single f*’en one of them.

    If I’m running against any of these people I distribute these photos to anyone who gives a s*** about schools doing e-learning only this year.

    GOP virtue signaling about loving their freedom trumps schools opening this year.


    Every single one of them.

    Vote them all out.

    They don’t care about schools opening for in person learning. They are a disgrace.

  22. PinocchiOH said: “What a disgrace. None of these people care about schools closing down. Not a single f*’en one of them. If I’m running against any of these people I distribute these photos to anyone who gives a s*** about schools doing e-learning only this year.”

    I’d love it if the public schools stayed closed forever.

    What’s wrong with that?

    Many of these people already home schooling their kids, or are prepared to do it again anyway.

    Not everyone wants to send their kids back to the wicked commie witches at the indoctrination camps.

    Are you upset for the sake of the kids who now have a better chance at life now that the parents see what’s really going on, or are you upset about how the evil teacher’s unions who may be facing layoffs next year? It’s not like you lazy goofs want to go back to work anyway.

    You’d prefer to get paid to be out protesting through the week of November 3 and then come back like nothing ever happened the next day.

    I say fire all of you. Can’t please them even with online learning now because they are angry that people will have their ugly faces on camera forever.

  23. Furthermore, I LOVE that parents will be seeing the garbage that the public school system is pushing on their children that isn’t getting sent back home at the end of the day.

    Throw those horseshit Marxist “inclusive” Scholastic readers in the trash and start teaching math correctly, you losers.

  24. Is that John Jacobson the former village president of Hebron front and center in the third photograph?

    Sure looks like him.

    If so, it’s obvious probation hasn’t helped.

    He’s drawn to dram shop like a fly to. . .

  25. The people that are not wearing masks or distancing are making COVID drag on for all of us.

    We can’t go back to work or school until the virus numbers come down.

    They complain and moan that the economy isn’t open, but won’t do anything to help keep the virus from spreading.

    Wear a mask, distance and keep your germs to yourself, will ya?

  26. Is any type of voting foolproof? Election Day? Early Voting? ☠️🤕😵🇺🇸

  27. School Districts don’t want to be sued.

    If one kid becomes ill with COVID-19, lawsuits could fly like crazy, even from kids who had no contact with the one kid. 🤔😮

  28. I’ve never met a normal homeschooled child.

    They are all socially retarded

  29. Marianne said: “The people that are not wearing masks or distancing are making COVID drag on for all of us.
    We can’t go back to work or school until the virus numbers come down.”

    Anyone with sense knows that’s not true.

    It drags on only because people like you pretend it’s a real threat.

    Last I checked, the economy is open.

    Only the public schools will remain closed, and it’s not for the reasons that you are claiming.

    Don’t be a liar.

  30. “We can’t go back to work or school until the virus numbers come down”

    Even if we stayed home another three months or a year, the numbers are going to go up whenever we open up.

    Some Guy is right, this attitude is what is holding things up.

    And a vaccine is not a magic solution either.

    Even if we had one today, it would be a year or two before there was any sort of herd immunity.

    Surveys show 50% of Americans wouldn’t take it anyways, so good luck with that plan.

    The only thing that we can do is let young healthy people get back to life, and do what we can to protect the vulnerable.

  31. Some Guy, you’re the B E S T!

    Btw vote by mail is insanity. Fire Tirio, the sap.

  32. Neal said: “And a vaccine is not a magic solution either.

    Even if we had one today, it would be a year or two before there was any sort of herd immunity.

    Surveys show 50% of Americans wouldn’t take it anyways, so good luck with that plan.”

    The vaccine is just to get people to shut up and is designed to take their money, or the taxpayers’ money, or your insurance money.

    And they’ve already gotten it.

    There are still going to be people that beg / plead / scream at you to wear a mask even if half of the population is vaccinated.

    We’ve already indirectly paid $2.1 billion to have 1/3 to be vaccinated by Pfizer.

    Screw Pfizer!

    Oh, and now another $2 billion for GSK to push 100 million doses on the braindead morons who are hiding in their basements.

    Screw GSK too!

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