No Coronavirus Deaths, But Lake-McHenry County Warning

The McHenry County Health Department reports

“As of August 6, 2020, there have been 3064 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County, 113 confirmed deaths and 2 probable deaths. 

The death(s) reported today: None.”

And, today, there is the following press release from the McHenry and Lake County Health Departments:

COVID-19 Cases Rising in Lake and McHenry Counties

Cases among teens and young adults, business-related complaints rising

Public health officials in Lake and McHenry Counties are urging the public to take action to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As of August 3, the testing positivity rate in the North Suburban Region
was 4.9 percent, with daily increases reported in 4 of the past 10 days.

Cases in the region continue to rise, with higher rates reported among teens and young adults in recent weeks.

The 20-29 age group now has the highest case count in both counties.

“Young people are not immune to COVID-19, and local outbreaks show how easily this virus can spread in social settings,” said Melissa Adamson, Public Health Administrator at the McHenry County Department of Health.

“We have to look out for each other, protecting not only ourselves but the people we care about and their loved ones, too.”

Complaints of social distancing and masking violations at restaurants and bars have also risen in recent months.

Across the region, public health staff have investigated over 300 business-related complaints since May 29, when Illinois entered Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan.

“We thank the majority of business owners who have already gone above and beyond to operate safely during this phase of the pandemic, you have truly stepped up to protect your patrons and staff,” said Mark Pfister, Executive Director of the Lake County Health Department.

“At the same time, the recent volume of business-related complaints our staff are receiving and investigating every day is concerning,” said Pfister.

“In our region, we are working with municipal leaders to step up local enforcement, reinforcing this message: these guidelines are not just a suggestion—they are critical to protecting the public’s health so that businesses can remain open.”

All residents are urged to follow the 3 Ws every day:
 Wear a mask
 Wash your hands
 Watch your distance

The 3 Ws must become part of our daily routines to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Both Lake and McHenry public health officials also recommend that residents avoid crowded places and all non-essential travel, as cases continue to surge in the United States and abroad.

Public health administrators Pfister and Adamson will host a live question and answer (Q&A) session on Facebook LIVE this Friday, August 7 at 1:30 p.m. To join the discussion,

visit the Lake County Health Department (@healthdepartment), Lake County Government (@LakeCountyILGov), McHenry County Department of Health (@MCDHMcHenry), or McHenry County Government (@McHenryCountyGov) Facebook pages and submit your
comments during the event.

Under the State’s Restore Illinois Mitigation Plan, Lake and McHenry Counties make up the North Suburban Region 9.

Any region that sustains an 8% positivity rate for three consecutive days or sees an increase in positivity rates and simultaneous decrease in hospital capacity will need to implement additional community mitigation interventions, according to the state’s plan.

Interventions in the region will be chosen from a tiered ‘menu’ of options based on the severity and potential cause of the resurgence.

Data-informed mitigation measures in the region may include restricting the size of social gatherings, reducing capacity at businesses, or scaling back activities that pose a higher risk of transmission, such as indoor dining and bar service.

To view the North Suburban Region metrics on the Illinois Department of Public Health website, visit and select Region 9. Metrics are updated daily, including testing positivity rates, hospital admissions, and hospital capacity.


No Coronavirus Deaths, But Lake-McHenry County Warning — 7 Comments

  1. But how many ‘improbable’ deaths?

    When is the coroner’s report or autopsy of Aaron Shepley ever going to be released?

    Was it a suicide?

    Covid 19?

    Drug overdose?

    Guilty conscience?

    Pit bull attack?

    Spontaneous combustion?

    Homicide by an angry taxpayer or section 8 druggies?


    Somebody threw a hair dryer into the bathtub?

    Visit by the Devil bc his blood pact for 40 yrs of fabulous success came due?

    We wanna know!

  2. It’s not surprising young people are not worried about this, they are not immune but the data says they have nothing to worry about.

    Through 8/5/2020 per the CDC
    Covid deaths by age

    Under 1 – 15
    1-4 years – 10
    5-14 years – 20
    15-24 years – 225
    25-34 years – 1074

    Compared to

    75-84 years 37,495
    85+ 45845

    More people in the under 25 group have died from plain old pneumonia over the same period.

    If you look at children under 15, more have died from the flu since covid started.

    Why do you think these people will care?

    It doesn’t affect them.

    Maybe they should care, but that is ignoring reality that people won’t stay home if they are not at risk.

    Any plan that ignores reality isn’t a good plan

  3. Reality is, we are keeping our kids out of school for a virus that we KNOW now based on data, kills less children than the flu.

  4. Gotta keep that fear porn train running and on the tracks . . .

    The plebes must be controlled.

  5. Gary? Absolutely! He’s been on the train since day one.

    Don’t forget that it pays well. Thirteen thousand paid JUST for a diagnosis. Isn’t that incentive enough for all the numbers? Multiply that 13,000 by the 3,064 and you see how profitable it s for the county.

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