AJ’s Mother Now in State Prison

Here’s what one sees when one types in “Joann Cunningham” into the inmate search part of the Illinois Department of Corrections web site:


AJ’s Mother Now in State Prison — 8 Comments

  1. HonestAbe1: “Big Mama”.

    Looks like Mama Fratelli.

    She also tried to kill kids.

  2. And the several former DFS employees are out walking around free as a lark.

    I really do not understand how 1 of them is still on the county board, does anyone?

    I have heard there are screenplays in the works since this case has national interest.

  3. Good! Patty O’Kenneally messed this up as she should have never been able to see the light of day thirty five years from now.

    Hopefully they find so public malfeasance regarding this guy in the future and he’s charged , convicted and imprisoned!

  4. Who was “feeding” her snack account while over at McHenry County Jail?

    She put on like 115 lbs while there, all from being able to buy sugary, fatty sweets at will because money had to be finding its way into her account there— are caring relatives keeping this pig fat, or some sucker out there?

    Either way she best be in Protective Custody while at Logan–those fellow incarcerated mothers will want to have a “talk” with this child killer.

    In PC and with a benefactor out there, she’ll be 600 lbs by her 35 year release date.

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