McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 2

Dr. Michael Rein

Continuing the story about the Republican gathering in Harvard’s Rush Creek Distillery (see Part 1), the next speaker was McHenry County Coroner candidate Dr. Michael Rein.

He is running without Democratic Party opposition, although Libertarian Party candidate Kelly Liebmann has filed petitions for the office, which are being challenged.

Rein concentrated on the referendum to put the Coroner under the County Board Chairman.

“If that passes, you are going to centralize government,” he said.

He gave a version of my philosophy when I was in the Illinois House.

If I couldn’t figure out what a bill was doing, I voted against it.

He said, “If you don’t know what a referendum says or means, always vote ‘no.'”

Rein, a Marine Veteran pointed to a broader role of the Coroner’s office to include prevention of suicides, drug overdoses and Veterans health problems.

“My job as Coroner is to help them get resources.”

And he promised that the office would be certified, which only “a handful” of Illinois offices have achieved.

McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe, who had a number of her employees at the event, repeated her impressive payroll statistics.

The number of staff has decreased twenty-one positions in the almost twelve years she has been in office.

That has been possible through the increasing use of technology in the court’s recording keeping.

Think of electronic filing of court documents, for instance.

The decrease in the number of employees has resulted in “saving $1.2 million per year in personnel costs,” she said.

Shannon Teresi

McHenry County Auditor, who has her hands full trying to make sure that County Board Chairman Jack Franks follows the rules, spoke next.

She revealed that her grandfather was a policeman and thought that her passion to “do what is right” probably came from him.

As her yard signs say, she is “Fighting Corruption.”

“Crushing corruption” is her goal.


McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 2 — 18 Comments

  1. If you value the sanctity of your vote and your future, DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL.

    And by all means do NOT heed the urgings of the cowardly Republicans
    who promote this insanity.

    Get off your asses and vote early if need be but do NOT let them frighten you into
    doing something that has the very real potential of going horribly wrong.

    Live Free Or Die !

  2. Abe – are you a moron who actually believes that or are you just carrying water for the GOP? Here’s a partial list of other “cowardly Republicans” who vote by mail.

    Donald Trump votes by mail
    White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany votes by mail
    Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale votes by mail
    Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel votes by mail
    Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis votes by mail
    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross votes by mail
    Melania Trump’s chief of staff and former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham votes by mail
    Secretary of Defense Mark Esper votes by mail
    Attorney General Bill Barr votes by mail
    Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar votes by mail
    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos votes by mail
    National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow votes by mail
    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue votes by mail (also he is the former governor of Georgia and signed into law a bill that allows all Georgia voters to cast an absentee ballot without an excuse back in 2006)
    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway votes by mail

  3. PinocchiOH is back to the usual tactic.

    “Republican person says or does XYZ, so you should too!”

    Unless it’s not convenient.

  4. Maybe Abe’s comment didn’t appear for you, Some Guy?

    I was responding to him.

    Try to keep up!

  5. I’m glad I was able to hear the chiropractor speak because it was clear he has no idea what the hell the coroner does or is supposed to do.

    The chiropractor just guaranteed that I’ll vote in favor of the referendum to hire a qualified professional for the position.

    It was refreshing to see that he at least updated his literature to spell coroner correctly…

    McGOP is dead and the fact that they’re kowtowing to the dems vote by mail campaign is gross.

    Who the hell is guiding the ship with them because they need to be thrown overboard?

    Need to wisen up and start running educated middle of the road conservatives as dems so we can maintain sanity in this county.

    If not you’ll get judicial candidates who believe there needs to be more transgendered jurors like Vonau.

  6. Is any type of voting foolproof?

    Election Day?

    Early Voting? 🇺🇸😵☠️🤕

  7. Bullocks assumes an appointed Coroner will be an qualified professional.

    I’m sure all of those employees Madigan sent to ComEd for jobs were ‘qualified’ too.

  8. Are these people stupid or what?

    The cheat by mail will inundate them, possibly forever.

    Demographics are giant Risk game when the the momentum turns against you, you are done!

  9. Btw, all these scams, early voting, vote by mail, vote with no ID, etc ., are disingenuous to dispossess you.

    Hey people, it’s Election Day, not election weeks.

    Prepare to be cheated big time!

    Clerk Tirio has to be the stupidest loon in the world to have sent that application out.

    Is he trying to maximize the democrats’ percentages or what?

    He is the problem!

  10. @Notttttt- currently an appointed coroner will be more qualified than the two who are running.

    They’re both stooges.

  11. I’m going to say what most others won’t have the guts to say.

    We shouldn’t have vote by mail because if you are too lazy to go somewhere to vote, you probably shouldn’t vote anyway.

    Exceptions of course for those who are sick or physically unable to vote in person, but this should be an exception.

    It’s entirely too easy to vote in this country.

    Why should some 20 year old living in mommy’s basement have any say?

    They can’t even manage their own life.

    I’d be all for raising the voting age to 21.

    It would match the age you can drink and now in many states it’s 21 to smoke.

  12. Gary,

    Tirio was required by law to send the applications out.

    It was passed by the GA in the last session and signed by JB.

    I doubt he would have mailed them otherwise.

  13. Bullocks, if you don’t like the two running this year, you don’t give the office to politicians to fill with who they want; you find someone to run in 4 years and get them voted in!

  14. In 1971, the 26th Amendment made it legal for 18 year old adults to vote.

    The logic then was you should be able to vote, if you were an 18 year old male drafted to South Vietnam. 😑🤔

    I usually Early Vote or Vote By Mail, because I was tired of Election Day Follies. 😑

    The follies included the Polling Place Election Coordinator not having the (right) keys to open the door, malfunctioning voting equipment, wrong ballots and unshoveled sidewalks. ☹️

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