Something Else to Make Illinois Teachers Nervous

The two top administrators have resigned/been terminated.

Illinois Times, a weekly paper in Springfield, reports the following:

Crain’s Chicago Business adds the following:

An investigation by led by former U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon has led to the ouster of the head of the state’s largest government pension plan.

The huge Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System confirmed this afternoon that Executive Director Richard Ingram resigned after the board received results of a review into “performance-based issues” from Chicago law firm King & Spalding, where Fardon is now a partner in the firm’s government investigations practice.


Something Else to Make Illinois Teachers Nervous — 11 Comments

  1. Follow the $money$ trail of an exceptionally large piggy bank, with emphasis on PIGGY.

    $51.2 billions worth 🐷

  2. Just the first domino.

    Sorry teachers, your pensions are dust.

  3. Teachers are going to be pretty unpopular after all this.

    Crazy protests dressed up with grim reaper costumes and coffins.

    They get a ridiculous pension and the people running it are crooked.

    From what I see, teachers don’t want to be considered heros or essential to society anymore.

    They are apparently only interested in themselves and a paycheck.

    Doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters, Amazon workers, fast food workers, letter carriers, It workers and many more have been working this whole time.

    Teachers obviously consider themselves to be less important than all of these jobs.

    Time to start laying them off if they don’t want to work.

    Teachers today are not heros, they are selfish cowards.

  4. Interesting.

    Having a Teacher in my family who does not toe the political line of the Union has put me in an odd position.

    I support that teachers should be safe and adhere to the same distancing guidelines the school board assigns to itself.

    However at same time I recognize That Union leadership has declared Schools and Teachers non-essential.

    It would then be logical to accept this fact and the districts should shutter starting with Releasing all administrators and then buying out the teachers contracts.

    The union should then fold as they are non essential.

    This is a great opportunity to start from scratch truly reinvent local based community schools led by private, parent groups and charter educators who truly believe our kids come first and that schools and education are essential.

    The existing school infrastructure can be sold for $1 a building, the contracts can be bought out with the excess operating funds amassed (D47 for example has $100M in liquidity).

    The current taxation and spend on local education has to be at least 50% higher in current environment so there are plenty of funds to pay for this program start up with a steady reduction in assessments.

    The key here is the Union is saying they don’t believe what they do is essential, great I agree, now let’s get to work at creating a School system that is essential.

  5. Can you smell what karma is cooking for those poor, poor overworked “educators” ?

    No worries, Biden will save them all 🤣

  6. CTU is always screaming about librarians, staff, janitors, social workers and nurses, when their union is not about those other employees. 🤔

    CTU screams about class size too, but when the class size is reduced due to bullied and various types of disabled students opting for alternative schools, home schools and online schools, CTU screams “Those teachers aren’t qualified!”. 🤔

  7. Generally, the public school districts and politicians want students to learn about LGBTQ, with no opt outs. 😑

  8. A surprising percentage of Chiraq teachers are low IQ; incompetent in the field they teach (or any other field for that matter); LGBTQ; convicted sex offenders and/or felons; social defectives; BLM Marxists; occultists; potheads; drug addicts; dishonorably discharged; on psychotropic drugs; shoplifters, Driver’s license revokees; alcoholics; actual members of the Communist Party; atheists and other assorted anti-Christians…..

    after all the above are excluded, you MIGHT have a 20% left

  9. Those CPS teachers sound gross.

    They definitely aren’t Ms. Beadle, Ms. Wilder and Ms. Plum. 🤔😮

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